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Richard Regan Jr won at Indianapolis Motor Speedway making it 3 wins in 4 races

It was Round 4 of the Nascar Cup Series at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Richard Regan Jr was once again on the top step of the podium. Richard is leading the drivers championship followed by Bradley Holly and his two teammates Jaymes O’Brien and Joshua Daniels. The eSports team is looking very strong to lock that Teams Championship since they have all 4 wins of the season so far.

P1 – Richard Regan Jr
P2 – Daniel Knight
P3 – Jay Felton
P4 – Bradley Holly
P5 – Jaymes O’Brien

Thanks to Diecast Kings for sponsoring this series !

Watch the full race replay:

Thanks to GSRC and credits to Justin Prince for the winner’s cover image used for this news.

Twitter: @JustinPSports