American F1 2016 PS4 Championship S8 – R17 China GP Recap

Rain! Lot’s of it! This was a very wet race. Full wets, and it poured from the start to the finish. The drivers knew it was coming when the session loaded. The qualifying session was bone dry. So every driver had a decision to make. Go for a wet setup, that may sacrifice starting position to have a stronger car for the race. Or set a blistering time on a dry setup, to get the best starting spot you could, and adjust the car in the race for the conditions.

With the varying strategy playing out our first two rows looked like this:

1st- Melvin Guererro (Melg222)

2nd –  Connor Stanek (McSendit)

3rd – Pearce Jackson (El_Majacko)

4th – Edwin Garcia (MysticJoker323)

At the start of the race, Connor was able to get off the line a bit better than Melvin and beat his new teammate to the first corner coming out with the early lead. The spray was intense throughout the field as everyone was bunched up. Several cars had contact, some minor, some more severe. But the top 5 cars, which included Nick Delp (nickthequick) had a bit of a gap gained on the rest of the field after a few laps.


Melvin surprisingly dove into the pits at the conclusion of lap 3, which we later learned was due to a drive through penalty. When he came out, he was in 18th position. Unfortunately as he was trying to make his way back through the field, he had several incidents which lead to his retirement from the race. A huge blow to his championship hopes as he came in the points leader with only two races left on the schedule.

Back at the front Edwin was able to make his way around Connor on lap 6 and began to build a gap. Nick and Connor would battle for the 2nd and 3rd for the remainder of the rain soaked race, with Connor ending up edging him out..

Edwin took advantage of Melvin’s problems to win the race comfortably, and take a 12 point lead into the penultimate round of Australia next week!

Top 10 Finishing Order:

1st – Edwin Garcia (MysticJoker323) – 5th Win of the Season!

2nd – Connor Stanek (McSendit) – First Podium Finish!

3rd – Nick Delp (nickthequick) – 7th Podium Finish!

4th – Pearce Jackon (El_Majacko) 

5th – Dylan Zimmerman (dszman) – Fastest Lap of the Race!

6th – Ric Migneault (Lance Stroll) – First Points Finish!

7th – Aaron Webb (AaronWebb85)

8th – Dean McKinnon (HSVDT_15)

9th – Kyle Spencer (KDawgHonda777)

10th – Tim Crass (THE-DITCH-WITCH)

Here is the broadcast of the race from GameOfJobes and special guest commentator Hootius!


Join us next Thursday at 9pm EDT for round 18 at Australia!

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