American PCars PS4 GT3 S8 – R1 Recap at Autodromo Nazionale Monza- Short Circuit

Season 8 of PS4 Project Cars Championship will be the last season before the release of Project Cars 2. The league wants to show its love and appreciation for this wonderful game and to give it a great sendoff with a memorial final season. To help do that, we took these GT3 machines out of their comfort zone to start the season. The league traveled to Monza, cut the track in half, and we put these cars bumper to bumper and door to door for a grueling 50 laps of survival. While the action was white knuckled and pretty stressful at times, the talk of the league after was positive and a pretty fun experience for all drivers involved who may have not been familiar with the craziness that short track racing brings (well… this is about as close to short tracking as you can get in this game with the GT3 cars!)

This qualifying round was probably the most entertaining round to watch from a spectator’s stand point that this league has ever produced, yet incredibly trying on the drivers. The track is very tight and very unforgiving with every driver trying to squeeze out every tenth of a second that they could. The walls and foundation of the chicane barriers were tested many times by almost every driver. At the end of the 15 minutes, it was the team of Attack Racing McLarens taking the front row, with defending champion Tyler McIntosh(MacAttack0922) taking the pole and edging out Kyle Spencer(KDawgHonda777) by .176 seconds. We also found a pair of teammates in the 2nd row, as Cromo Ramrod’s Patricio Campos(Pitricio) and Charles Sumner(Hootius) took 3rd and 4th respectively in their RUFs. Mark Kaelin(Bubba18) rounded out the Top 5 in qualifying in his Speed Syndicate McLaren.

Once the green flag dropped, it did not take long for the action to take over. As expected with a track layout of this nature, there was plenty of contact that took place as drivers were jockeying for position in Turn 1. The unfortunate victim due to the contact was Mark, who was spun into the Turn 1 wall and had to pit early due to damage after his Top 5 qualifying effort. He would recover and keep a Top 10 finish for the race. As the field started filling out, 2 groups of battles started forming. TylerKyle and Patricio locked down the Top 3 spots for the opening laps and built some separation over the battle that was developing for 4th place between CharlesSergey Degtyarenko(Sg_Rus_Us) and Vince Nadal(TSpottr723). Outside of avoiding any damage, the 2nd biggest factor of this race was tire wear. The left front tires took a pretty solid pounding throughout every car in the field, and this jumbled up the order as the race carried on and a lot of different tire strategies were being utilized. As the race progressed, the 1st of the Top 4 drivers to have issues was Kyle having to pit an extra time due to damage received while trying to get around lap cars. Kyle would recover and was able to have a solid final stint of the race to secure his first podium finish in the league. Charles was looking to capitalize on Kyle’s damage and sneak away with that podium finish, but things did not work out as planned. Charles was on a 1 pit stop strategy, but had to pit earlier than he wanted due to damage from hitting the wall while trying to overtake a lapped car. By using a harder compound on his left side tires to make up for the early pit and the extra tire wear to make it to the end, his lap times would fall off significally and he had to do everything he could to hold on to the 4th position by the end of the race. Those issues brought the race down to Patricio and Tyler to determine the top spot. Unfortunately Tyler ended up having fuel issues with his car, and had to make an addition pit spot late into the race, which handed Patricio a very comfortable lead to be able to seal the deal with, and bring home the League’s record 9th career win. All in all, the spirits were high and jokes and laughs were had after the race after we spent a good 45 mins. pushing our cars, and each other’s cars, to the limits. J
The top 10 finishing order was:
1st – Patricio Campos (Pitricio)
2nd – Tyler McIntosh (MacAttack0922)
3th – Kyle Spencer (KDawgHonda777)  First career podium in the PRL APCC League
4rd – Charles Sumner (Hootius)
5th – Vince Nadal (TSpottr723)
6th – Sergey Degtyarenko (Sg_Rus_Us)
7th – Drayton Simpson (_Dray_) – First career Top 10 finish in the PRL APCC League
8th – Mark Kaelin (Bubba18)
9th – Max Lewin (RiteAidKid84) – First career Top 10 finish in the PRL APCC League
10th – Mark Miller (Mark_LD)
The Team Championship is starting off as quite the battle. Cromo Ramrod leads Attack Racing by only 1pt after Round 1. Speed Syndicate (Drayton and Mark K.), Vin Rin Racing (Vince and Mark M.), and Don’t Panic (Sergey and BenCharles) are only separated by 2pts in the battle for 3rd place.

Next week’s race will take us to Snetterton, where the league will tackle the very fast 200 layout… in a Thunderstorm!! for the only rain race of the season. You can catch the race from one of our many drivers’ points of view who stream the races on Twitch:

Hootius’ Twitch handle is OldManHoot. Rocckson2Kyle’s Twitch handle is Klutchion. Bubba18’s Twitch handle is Bubba1889. KDawgHonda777 is also his Twitch handle.