American F1 2016 PS4 Championship S8 – Round 15 Spanish GP Recap

We had a very eventful race this week in Spain, with a couple of the championship contenders having a rough race.
Starting with qualifying we had Edwin Garcia (MysticJoker323) with the fastest lap on softs, Conner Stanek (McSendit) and Aaron Webb (AaronWebb85) behind him also on softs. 4th and 5th, were Pearce Jackson (El_Majacko) and Melvin Guerrero (melg222) on the harder Medium tires, looking to make it a 1 stop race.
At the start it was a mostly clean getaway for the leaders, but there was quite a number of drivers who were involved in a crash in turn 4. Things were spread out a bit after that as the cars that started on softs were peeling off for pit lane between laps 5-7. At lap 18 the first safety car of the race came out. We saw most cars hit pit lane for either Medium or Hard tires to make them be good to the finish. At the restart of the race, there was a large crash in the mid field due to a number of lapped cars starting towards the front and caused things to bunch up a bit. Luckily all cars involved were able to carry on, though Nick Delp (nickthequick) took the brunt of it losing his wing and having to pit for a replacement.
The racing was tight, until a 2nd SC came out on lap 26. This was where things got interesting on tire strategy as some decided to stop for Soft tires for the run to the finish. Edwin, was one of those, as he pit from 2nd position and restarted the race from 5th. The running order was MelvinDayton Cooper (Coopersonic),  Daniel Ryan (Dubzzy__), Pearce and Edwin.
Melvin got a clean restart and was able to keep Dayton behind him, who was defending against Daniel into turn 1. Pearce, ended up getting run off the track at one point by another car and fell back through the field. Then it was Edwin and Daniel that had a touch losing Daniel many positions. Edwin then was looking to make a move on Dayton and did so in turn 1 on the final lap. He was certainly fastest with his softs, but there was too much ground to cover and not enough time. Melvin drove a very clean and smart race and was very deserving of the victory, his league leading 5th win of the season. Unfortunately Daniel our points leader ended up losing connection to the race on the final lap finishing out of the points. With both Mercedes cars having tough luck at the finish it certainly closed the gaps at the front of the WDC fight.
The top 10 finishing order was:
1st – Melvin Gurrero (Melg222)
2nd – Edwin Garcia (MysticJoker323)
3rd – Dayton Cooper (Coopersonic) – Congrats on his first podium of the season!
4th – Dylan Zimmerman (dszman)
5th – Connor Stanek (McSendit) – First Points Finish!
6th – Jarrod Bruno (jrod15243) – First Points Finish!
7th – Dean McKinnon (HSVDT_15)
8th – Pearce Jackson (El_Majacko)
9th – Brian Mosser (Brianmosser88)
10th – Nick Delp (nickthequick)
The drivers championship now as close as ever as Daniel sports only a 12 point lead over Melvin, and just 20 points separates the top 4!
Here is a broadcast of this weeks race!
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