Round 2: Phoenix Raceway - 2008 - Oval (Oct 1)

**Broadcasted** | THURSDAY | Practice @ 6pm | Qualifying @ 9pm | Race @ 9:15pm (EDT)
Season start on September 24th and end on December 3rd
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Round 2: Phoenix Raceway - 2008 - Oval (Oct 1)

Post by jeromef1 » Mon Sep 07, 2020 2:16 pm


Race Time of day: 2020-10-03 12:40 1x
Race Length: 100 laps (55 minutes)
Max Incidents: Drive through at 11x, DSQ at 20x
Max Fuel: 65%
Start: Rolling
Fast Repair: 0
Restart Type: Single-file Back
Automatic Full Course Yellows: Enabled
Wave Arounds: Enabled
Enable "Lucky Dog" Rule: Disabled
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Re: Round 2: Phoenix Raceway - 2008 - Oval (Oct 1)

Post by thesavvyninja » Sun Sep 27, 2020 2:23 pm

This is ahh going to be interesting with so many open wheel cars on an oval.. should be challenging even for those in top 10 during the race. There is going to be a HUGE range of skills, and a lot of lap traffic to deal with.
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Re: Round 2: Phoenix Raceway - 2008 - Oval (Oct 1)

Post by Gunner » Sun Sep 27, 2020 7:37 pm

Here we go, first oval of the season!  Wanted to make a note for all the oval races this season.  We will be changing qualifying a bit.  It will remain a solo session of 5 minutes, but we will allow for 4 laps, not just 2.  We learned last season that the tires are just getting to temperature after 2 laps, so are extending it to allow for more relative lap times.

Lets see if we can all exercise patience in this one.  Cautions tend to breed more cautions.  Give it a couple laps before trying to barrel through the field.  You won't win the race making up those 3 or 4 spots on a restart with 60 laps still to go!  I have faith in this group that we can put together a good oval race.  Practice running with traffic a bit and lets go turn left!

EDIT: forgot to remind, this race is on the LEGACY track.  Don't turn all your laps on the new one!
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