Caution Reviews, Protests and Appeals

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Caution Reviews, Protests and Appeals

Post by jeromef1 » Wed Aug 05, 2020 2:15 pm

On Track Reviews and Procedures
  1. On track incidents should be avoided at all costs.
  2. On track incidents that result in a caution will be automatically reviewed by the Oval Stewards and will be ruled on 48 hours following the race.
  3. On track incidents that do not cause a caution can still be reviewed. Please submit a protest using the Protest Form on the PRL website.
  4. Race Start and Caution Restarts will also be reviewed by the Steward team for early 3-wide and Lead Car speed violations.
  5. PRL's Racing Rules and iRacing's Sporting Code are in effect for all official races through the season.
  6. Stewards will issue a Caution Point value against a driver(s) found at fault for initiating the caution, as well as drivers maneuvering carelessly or recklessly that lead to other drivers getting involved in the caution. Please refer to the Rules Document for a full explination.
  7. Any driver who is issued an EOL start penalty shall not qualify. Drivers caught doing so will be issued a black flag and will have to serve a drive-thru penalty.
  8. Any driver who gets DSQ for not serving a black flag during the race will be placed in last and all points will be removed, and the race will not count as a drop week. If you receive a black flag in the final moments of a race and do not have time to serve it, you must contact the race organizers immediately so the appropriate action can be taken.
  9. You have the right to Appeal a caution decision if you feel the original ruling was incorrect. Contact Charles Sumner within 48 hours of the rulings being posted to Appeal a ruling. The entire Steward Team will review the incident and will cast a vote, in which the majority vote will be the final verdict. Losing an Appeal will place a 30-day restriction in place where you may not Appeal a verdict again.
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Re: Caution Reviews, Protests and Appeals

Post by Hootius » Sat Sep 26, 2020 4:39 pm

Race 1: Las Vegas  (Drivers have until Monday 9/28 5p to submit an appeal)

Steward Rulings:
  • The Stewards reviewed the Lap 16 caution. During a 3 wide entrance of T1, there was the appearance of netcode between Dominic Begin and Barron Hilton that triggered an incident. The netcode and trajectory of the cars was to a point where the Stewards could not say with 100% confidence that the caution would have happened otherwise. No caution point will be awarded for this caution.
  • The Stewards reviewed the Lap 40 caution. The Stewards have found Abner Acosta at fault for turning down across the nose of Brett Adams on the entrance of T3, triggering a multicar incident.
  • The Stewards reviewed the lap 64 caution. The Stewards noted that Colton Layne was making a move to the left that would have put himself across the nose of Patrick Cowgill, but there was some netcode before the physical contact happened. Based on the trajectory of Colton's truck, the Stewards are confident that the contact would have happened regardless of netcode. However, due to the presence of the netcode, the Stewards are only issuing a partial caution point to Colton for this incident.
  • The Stewards reviewed the Lap 77 caution. This caution stemmed from contact Brad Holly made to the rear of Paul Johnson as he we lapping him, with Daniel Knight trying to box Brad in behind Paul in an effort to take the position. While there is no rule against boxing a driver in behind a lapped car like that, there was a rule broken in regards to car contact. Paul held his line in the outside line and Brad solidified his line on the front stretch that would have allowed a 3 wide pass with all parties involved with Paul staying to the outside. Daniel in an effort to pinch, created door on door contact with Brad, which moved Brad out of his established line and in a path to the rear of Paul. Due to that door contact that moved Brad after solidifying his line, Daniel is being charged with this caution.
  • The Stewards reviewed a Lap 23 protest of contact. The Stewards have ruled that Jose Medina momentarily lost the rear of his car during a 3 wide entry into T3, which resulted in contact with Brenden Chatley that sent Brenden into the wall.
  • During the Lap 64 caution, the Stewards have found Ryan Traver at fault for inefficiently slowing down and created contact with Brandon Walter that resulted in damage.
  • The Stewards reviewed a Lap 50 protest of contact. On the backstretch as they approached the entrance of T3, Daniel Knight was on the inside line, then moved to the right to get the best entry possible. As Daniel moved right, Tom Sink was against the wall and his truck did move a little to the left as the contact happened that sent Tom into a spin. While Daniel did move further to the right than Tom moved to the left, the contact point was deemed to be in a spot between the 2 traditional lines. Due to that, this incident is being ruled a racing deal and no penalty will be given.
  • During the Lap 77 caution, the Stewards reviewed a protest of contact between Richard Regin and Austin Hunter. Richard was involved in the incident and was down on the apron as the yellow flag was being waved. Richard was coming back towards the track as Austin was on the track at a faster rate. There was a check up in front of Austin that caused Austin to go to the left, and dip the left side of his truck on the apron, where the contact with Richard occurred. While Richard did have the left side to easily stay to while the yellow flag was out, the point that the contact happened on the apron with both drivers going in different directions, so the ruling is that this is a racing deal and no penalty will be given.

Penalties for Talladega:
  • The following drivers must not qualify and start at the rear for receiving 1 caution point at Vegas: Abner Acosta, Daniel Knight
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