Round 5: Barber Motorsports Park - Full Course (July 13)

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Season start on June 15th and end on August 17th
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Re: Round 5: Barber Motorsports Park - Full Course (July 13)

Post by barryf1fan » Wed Jul 15, 2020 10:17 am

diegomorales wrote:
Hey Jon, I totally understand man. I apologize on writing that, it was just right after the race and tempers were a littlh.e bit hig I didn't mean that you made on purpose at all :) Just a little miscommunication. Hope you understand.

I really like how thoughtful everyone is. Thanks guys and excited for next week :)
You definitely don't need to apologize! :D   As soon as you followed me out to the outside of the turn, I thought, "well crap, he didn't hear me or I wasn't clear"... :oops: 
Going forward I will try and hold the race line through a turn as I can see the point that people are making that if these guys are lapping me anyway - they can find a way to get around me in a couple of turns and straights. :lol: :lol:
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Re: Round 5: Barber Motorsports Park - Full Course (July 13)

Post by SharkV » Wed Jul 15, 2020 12:47 pm

This is from the iRacing sporting code:
7.4. Blue Flag
7.4.1. A blue flag with a diagonal yellow stripe indicates faster cars are approaching. This flag is informational only.
7.4.2. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the faster car to safely overtake the slower car. It is the responsibility of the slower car to maintain a consistent line. It is strongly recommended that a slower car being lapped makes every reasonable effort to facilitate a safe pass.
This is from our rules:
    10. Being Lapped [ol]
  1. As soon as a driver is caught by another driver who is about to lap him, the driver who is about be lapped must allow the lapping driver past at the first available opportunity. He must do this safely, and with minimal disruption. He should be predictable, and he shouldn’t brake hard or quickly change his racing line.
  2. If you have been lapped due to a pit cycle, you can only attempt to unlap yourself if the lapping car clearly loses pace or makes a mistake which allows you to pass. However, if the lapping car regains pace and catches back up to you, you must again allow it to pass.
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