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Thread of Shame

Post by Macca » Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:44 pm

We all know that taking advantage of track limits is part of racing. However in F1 2017 the in game corner cutting is extremely strict. Avoiding time penalties and warnings can gain you several positions in a race. So over the course of S16 we’ll be adding up every in game time penalty that is added to your race time. Let’s see who hasn’t been keeping it clean and who needs to work on keeping it within the white lines!

After Round 2 
Mike (D2) - 13seconds
Jari (D1) - 12seconds
Agony (D1) - 11seconds
Tom (D2) - 10seconds

Gary (D1) – 9seconds (+3)
V5 (D2) - 9seconds (+3)

Maxi (D1) - 6seconds
Deki (D1) - 6seconds
Mich (D1) - 6seconds
Jume (D1) - 6seconds
Flair (D1) - 6seconds
Falcon (D1) - 3seconds
Michael (D1) - 3seconds
Smithy (D1) - 3seconds
Yhyy (D1) - 3seconds
Mark (D2) - 3seconds
Dave (D2) - 3seconds
Yougi (D2) - 3seconds

Macca (D2) – 3seconds (+3)
Carre (D1) – 3seconds (+3)
Adam (D1) – 3seconds (+3)
Kallek (D2) – 3seconds (+3)
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