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Welcome Everyone!


Premium Member
Chris Perez
Feb 4, 2017
USA, Kansas, Topeka
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Welcome everyone to the NEW! Season 10 - Tuesday GTE Series. And a big warm welcome to the new drivers. For you new guys, you have joined a special league. We are like 1 big family here. From upper management, to new recruits. If you haven't already seen, PRL runs a multitude of different race championships, on multiple platforms. From XBox One, to PS4, to PC. And from F1 Racing, to Assetto Corsa, and of course, iRacing. You should spend a few moments checking out the other threads. 
My name is Chris Perez - PRL iRacing Manager. You guys might see me pop up every once in a while. Just to say a friendly hello, and to see how you guys are doing. I may even race once, and show you all how racing is really done :lol: . 
PRL Organizer - Dany Duchesne and PRL Director - Jerome Berthiaume will be the one's in charge of this series. They'll be in the races with you guys, update point standings, and issue penalties if need be. They are both really cool guys, if you don't already know them. That's if you can catch them. A snickers and a ho-ho might be just enough to get me to hit the "Remove Driver From Server" option on them. :eek:
In all seriousness though. Please take a moment before the 1st official race and read through the PRL Rules on last time. Also, before you join the 1st race, make sure that you have the right car number, that you signed up with on the forums. And get Team Speak, and all communication buttons setup. Team Speak is the primary voice chat program for PRL, so this is very important that you get it done. 
You guys will have your ups and downs during the season. Wins, Top 5's - 10's, to DNF's and wrecks. Don't get discouraged. And more importantly, don't be afraid to ask for help. Most of the members are willing to help. Look at it this way. If they help you get faster, this means they either have to get faster to stay ahead of you. Or get faster just to stay with you. A double win.
One thing to note, and this is very important. PRL will not TOLERATE ANY DIS-RESPECTING, VERBAL ABUSE, or THREATNING of ANY MEMBER. New or old. You will be removed immediately from both iRacing and Team Speak. I understand that some tempers might flare. If you and another driver have an issue, wait till the end of the race and talk it out. Yelling will only get you removed for the session. Over the years that I have personally been a member, I've only seen this happen 2. Most everyone behaves, and we do give you a chance to make it right, before you are removed. Apologize, talk it out, and move on. If you feel that you need/or would like to have Dany, Jerome, or even me around during the discussion, one of us will make ourselves available. Send a private message here on the forums, or if really important or you're afraid you might forget. Feel free to text me @ (785)430-3478. I live in the US, so use the correct country code if applicable. 
We at PRL don't want or like to have drivers that are in constant conflict with each other. We are all adults here, some older than most. More importantly, we are all human beings. And nobody deserves being dis-respected, abused, or threatened.
One last thing, have a fun season, good luck, and don't die. But if you do, make it spectacular.