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Welcome Everyone to Season 7! Very Important!


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Chris Perez
Feb 4, 2017
USA, Kansas, Topeka
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I would like to say a few things. First and foremost. My name is Chris Perez, current acting PRL iRacing Manager. I have been a member of Precision Racing League since Season 1 of the old Base Championships. Now the "S10-Tuesday GTE Series". You should check it out!

I would like to welcome everyone to S7.  New and old. I hope that you have a good experience with us at Precision Racing League. If you guys have any problems, Do Not hesitate on contacting the series organizers, or me personally. PRL Director - Jerome will respond, but for the iRacing series' I'd appreciate it if you all went through the proper channels first. Race Directors during the race. Organizers before or after. And me if you feel it needs further attention. If I don't respond within 72 hours. Then contact Jerome. 

You can contact me through private message on here. I check the forums several times a day. I'm also on team speak quite often, so might check there. If you click the news tab at the top of this page, a new page will open up. And towards the bottom of the right column, there is list of the current users on the PRL team speak server. But I know that sometimes you can't get to a computer, and a text or a phone call is more appropriate at that moment. My cell number is (785)430-3478. If I have not responded with in 24 hours of your first communication, something has gone horribly wrong. And contacting the US Marines might be needed.  :lol: In all seriousness though, I will do my best to get back with you in a timely manner. I am kind of fortunate to have a decent job, that allows me to have quite a bit of time off, and to spend a few minutes checking the forum, text, etc.. And it isn't too much for me to hear you guys out. 

Alright, down to business. :roll:

This is a special group of guys that you have joined. We don't just race on Sunday's together. Most of us are on team speak multiple times a week. Some of us get together and play different games like GTA V, DCS Flight Sim, American Truck Simulator, etc. And some just come and hang out. 

You will either love us or hate us. But I guarantee that you will laugh at least once. With that being said, some of the guys that have been around can get a little carried away. Some of the stuff isn't for everyone. But come race time, these guys shut up and drive.

For the guys that have been around a while. Welcome back. We've had our ups and downs the past seasons, but here we are. I really appreciate you guys coming back. We are all family here. You can't run.  :lol:  Spend a little time getting to know the new guys. Don't be to rough on them at first. 

Also, take a few moments and read through the series rules. We've added a few new things this season. Penalties will be handed out, if you are found in violation. As seen from the race your way in races.

As for this season goes. I'm not going to lie, and say everything is awesome here. Or that you'll be the best one, and win every race. You will have your ups and downs. We WILL have our ups and downs as a league. But we will march through it. We are human here, and mistakes will happen. Don't be "That guy(s)" that have to be removed. I don't like being "That guy" that removes you. . Race smart every race. Talk with your teammates. Give a little, and it will payout in the end. 

Everyone showed that we can race hard, have fun doing it, and not kill everyone. During the last half of the last season. And for the guys in the race-your-way in races. That was some of the best racing I've been in, and then watched the broadcast later. You guys showed that it is possible to race with our brains, and have fun at the same time. Yes, things will happen. It's racing and things happen quickly at speed. 

There will be a pre-race meeting before every race this season. This will happen during the last 15 minutes of practice on Sunday. I would really appreciate that every be off the track during these meetings. I would like to have everyone's full attention. Plus it's kind of a respect thing. Rules for the race event will be gone over, penalties, proper procedure on getting black flags cleared, and what's an acceptable reason for having the black flag cleared. If you're not fully paying attention during the meeting, you might just miss something important. Which could cost you a good finish, or even a win.

On race day, before you even join the session, please make sure that you are using the number that you signed up on the forums with. Please make sure that you spend a few minutes before and setup whatever buttons you need to use for communication. Race Directors, teammates, friends, etc. Those goes for both iRacing and Team Speak. Race Directors WILL NOT be looking for text chat communications during the race. They have a lot of things to manage already.

Every race will now have Race Director(s). PRL Director - Jerome Berthiaume, and PRL Organizer - Austin Moore. Being able to properly communicate with this 2 is very important. Communicating through me will not get you any place, while I'm in the car.

One thing I would like to mention, and this goes for every race but Sonoma. If you NEED to use the pit road to escape a wreck, spin on the front-stretch into pit road, etc. We clear that black flag. I don't expect you to just drive into the wreck if you can avoid it. But be smart about it. In a smart and controllable manner, calmly slow down and then merge safely onto the racing service. Don't be "That Guy(s)".

The biggest thing to know is that ANYONE who dis-respects ANYONE else. Or completely loses control of their tempers WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY from the race server and team speak. I will become "That Guy" and I WILL NOT TOLERATE that behavior. Sammy didn't allow it to happen while he was manager. And that is going to continue while I'm here. A few of the guys that have been with us for sometime have authority to remove users. So it could be anyone. We are for the most part all adults here. And even if you're not an adult yet. NOBODY needs to be dis-respected. PRL Management hasn't had to remove many people, but make me become "That Guy", you won't be here long.

I know I keep saying "That Guy". I really don't like being that way. I just want to have fun, race, and possibly make a few new friends along the way. I can all most promise you that I'm one of the easiest going and nicest guys you'll probably meet. I pretty much sit around smoking weed, and playing video games. I might kill a taco every now and then along the way. But that's about it. You do right in my eyes, and I will do my best to take care of every single one of you. Whether you have been here many years, or just this season. 

Let's All Have Fun this season!


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Jerome Berthiaume
Jan 25, 2017
Nicolet, QC, Canada
iRacing ID
What a statement!! Thanks Chris!! Very exciting about my first experience as a Race Director and I promise we gonna put a good show this season!!

PRL-Sammy H

Premium Member
Jan 29, 2017
Whidbey Island, WA
Wonderful statement Chris. Looking forward to getting the season underway with the old guys and some new welcomed additions to the group.
John LaBaff
Mar 22, 2017
Clayton NC
iRacing ID
PRL-Sammy H said:
Wonderful statement Chris.  Looking forward to getting the season underway with the old guys and some new welcomed additions to the group.
WATCH WHO YOU CALL OLD. damn it wheres my walker lol