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Wednesday Trucks 2021 S3 By the Numbers


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NASCAR Cup Series 2022/S3
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NASCAR Truck Series 2022/S3
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Charles Sumner
Feb 5, 2017
USA, Florida, Tampa
iRacing ID
Hey @NASCAR Truck Series 2021/S3 , as we prepare for the final season of 2021 coming up, I want to take a couple of moments and take advantage of this stupid-big spreadsheet I created for the year and let’s have a fun and informative look back to what was 2021 S3!

First and foremost, let’s start off with us as a collective group.
  • We had a full 42 driver roster for the season, and back in Round 2, we had a full field at Chicagoland!
  • The league averaged 32.7 drivers per race, with all 42 rostered drivers making multiple races. Only twice did we dip below 30 drivers to start the race for the season.
  • Special shoutouts to Sumner, Acosta, Zemke, Holly, Layne, Geyer, Cervantes, Westerfield, Conquer, Kaelin, Cowgill, Traver, and Sink for making every single race!!!!!!
  • In addition, Schoen, A. Hunter, N. Hunter, Hilton, Pennington, Curry, Momy, Evans, Lowrance, White, Hauck, Bittner, C. Young, Rodriguez, Blackhall, Knight, Guerra, and Roberts all made at least 7 of 10 races!
  • That gives Wednesday 31 out of the 42 rostered drivers that will get their names in the prize drawing pool!!!!! I want to thank you all for your dedication to the league.

Let’s move on to our Championships.
  • Bradley Holly added another Drivers Championship to his mantle, knocking off S2 Champion Josh Conquer by 5 points. Both drivers had (17) points dropped, and Josh actually had (5) more bonus points than Brad did. With both drivers also having (8) Top 5s on the season, the biggest determining factor for the Championship was the 1 extra race (outside of the drop week) that the 2 drivers did not finish in the Top 5: Brad’s 6th at iRacing SS vs Josh’s 16th at Chicagoland. That 10 place difference combined with Josh’s 5 extra bonus points gives you the 5 point difference in the Championship.
  • As for the Teams Championship, Whataback Overdrive took the trophy back from S2 Champs Team Hype. This battle came down to the very last race, with Whataback overcoming a 5 point deficit entering the race, to win the Championship by 2! Both teams had a big lead over the rest of the field and were the only 2 teams to score over 90 pts in a single race (Whataback 92 @ Pocono; Hype 94 @ Phoenix).
  • Going into S4, here are the Drivers who have qualified for the Playoff (all with 20/30 race attendance being the main qualification before any other factor):
    • Champions: Holly and Conquer
    • Race Winners: Acosta, Sink, and Stacy Hunter (who’s underdog win of S1 Daytona race got him in, otherwise would have missed out on points)
    • In on Points: Cervantes, Evans, Layne, Kaelin, Westerfield, Zemke, Sumner, Cowgill, A. Hunter, N. Hunter and Schoen.
    • Special shoutout to Daniel Knight who should be in the playoff, but unfortunate timing with a mandatory obligation will prevent him from racing in S4.

Season 3 Qualifying Stats
  • We had 6 different Pole Winners in the 10 races of S3. Acosta led the way with (4) Poles on the Season, with Conquer the only other driver to win multiple Poles (2). Sink, Rodriguez, Cervantes, and Schoen all snagged (1) Pole each.
  • Conquer led the field with an average qualifying starting position of 6.5. Not counting when he did not put in a qualifying lap at Knoxville, only once did Conquer not qualify in the Top 10, and that was an 11th at iRacing SS.
  • Acosta, Evans, Knight, Holly, and Sink were the only other drivers to average better than a 10.0 on the Season.
  • Of the 31 drivers who did 7 of 10 races, every driver had at least 1 start that was 20th or worse. Goes to show just how tight the gaps in qualifying were for the league throughout the Season.
  • 26 of the 42 drivers who qualified this year had at least (1) Top 10 starting position.

Season 3 Race Stats
  • We had 5 different Race Winners in the 10 races of S3. Acosta and Rodriguez tied with (3) wins apiece, with Holly as the only other multi-time Winner (2). We also had 2 first-time PRL winners in Season 3 as Conquer finally got that win at Nashville Fairgrounds, and Lowrance picked up his first win with a great final lap at Daytona to win from 5th at the start of the lap.
  • Drivers Champ Holly lead the field with an average race finishing position of 5.7. Only once did Holly finish outside of the Top 10 during the season, and that was when he was caught up in a wreck at the Glen while in the Top 5.
  • Conquer, Acosta, Cervantes, Sink, Knight, and Rodriguez were the only other drivers to have an average finish better than 10.0 on the Season (sorry Evans, your 10.1 wasn’t good enough!!!!!)
  • Holly and Conquer led the field with (8) Top 5 finishes in Season 3. Acosta, Sink, Rodriguez, Blackhall, Knight, and Cowgill were the only other drivers to have multiple Top 5 finishes. 11 other drivers were able to bring home (1) Top 5 finish. That gave us 19 different Top 5 finishers out of the 42 drivers who started a race this season (42%).
  • Holly led the field with (9) Top 10s out of the 10 races on the Season. 18 other drivers snagged multiple Top 10 finishes during the Season, with an additional 11 drivers picking up a single Top 10 finish during the Season. That gives us 30 of the 42 drivers who picked up a Top 10 finish (71%).
  • Acosta was able to avoid the biggest amount of issues as he was the only driver whose worst finish was still inside the Top 20 for the entirety of the Season (19th @ New Hampshire).

Now if our Pit Parties show us anything as a league, we are all Ball Busters and Schadenfreude Connoisseurs. So let’s have a little fun (and pain) and look at the timeout corner of Season 3!
  • Including Last Lap wrecks that get reviewed as if they were cautions, we had 56 Cautions this season. Combined with other protests and reviews, that led to a combined 45.5 caution points given out by the Stewards in S3.
  • We had 2 caution-free races: Watkins Glen (doesn’t count!) and WorldWide Tech (that was a pleasant surprise).
  • On the flip side, we had 2 unfortunate races that saw double digits in Cautions: Knoxville (11) and Nashville Fairgrounds (12).
  • On a serious note as a roster, we honestly do need to strive to be better to get better as a league as a whole. Averaging 5.6 cautions per race is not acceptable in my eyes as the Manager of the League. That is way too much dead time on the broadcast and way too many times that the 60-minute timer or a GWC comes into play. None of our friends or family wants to see us putzing around behind the pace car. We all need the mindset, 3 cautions maximum for a race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I had the unfortunate job of handing out 4 suspensions this season, 3 of them being long-time friends and members of this league. 25 of the 42 drivers received a Stewards ruling. That shit is not fun for me guys. We are all here to have fun, so let’s work on keeping it clean and green and giving me fewer grey hairs.
  • Let’s lighten it back up now, shall we? Let’s talk about incident points. Now this really can’t be held on the drivers since it’s way too easy to get caught up in other’s messes, so let’s see who the lucky, and unluckiest drivers are:
    • The first fun stat is somehow throughout the entirety of Season 3, not once did we have a driver hit the 24x DSQ limit. A bit shocked, especially with the carnage that Nashville Fairgrounds was (though Barron Hilton and Colton Layne both came close with 20X each in that race, the highest single race total of the Season). GG boys!
    • Curtis Young held the unfortunate stat of the most Incident Points of the Season with 69 (Giggity!) and an average of 8.63 Xs per race. Curtis received only 1 caution point in S3, so can the rest of you please stop wrecking in front of, and into Curtis!!! That man has a family!!! Austin Hunter tried hard to rack up the repair bill, but fell 1x behind Curtis on the Season.
    • The “Right Place at the Right Time” Award goes to Jim Westerfield. Jim led the League as the only driver with (5) Clean, 0x races. Jim only collected 24 Xs over the course of 10 races, giving him the Cleanest total and average for S3.
    • 32 of the 42 drivers had at least 1 clean race in the Season.
    • Of the 31 drivers who attended 7 of the 10 races this Season, 12 drivers were able to escape averaging less than 4Xs per race.

And there we go boys. I hope you all enjoy this damn novel and the time it took to type out was worth it. As I am typing this, we have 30 returning drivers coming back in S4. Let’s all do our parts to make the final Season of 2021 a success and end the year performing to the standards we all desire for the league.


Premium Member
NASCAR Truck Series 2022/S3
Jim Westerfield
Nov 11, 2017
Berrien Springs MI
iRacing ID
Awesome job on the novel :) but seriously thank you very much taking the time to find these stats and writing the recap of S3. Thats the best thing I've seen in a league which is another reason why this is the best league on Iracing.
Thank you again for all the hard work and dedication its definitely noticed and appreciated!!


Premium Member
NASCAR Truck Series 2022/S3
Jeff Evans
May 28, 2020
Rochester, NY
iRacing ID
8/9 finishes in the top 10 and still average over 10.0 for a finishing position. Damn Pocono!

John War

Premium Member
NASCAR Cup Series 2022/S3
Joao Guerra
Feb 28, 2021
iRacing ID
Outstanding work.
Well organized and competitive league.
Pleasure to be part of it.
Your post had enough material for a 3 part mini series.
Your effort and dedication is appreciated.