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VaporWerkz SimSport Team Open for Recruitment!


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Quoc Ninh
Dec 28, 2020
Houston, Texas
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Hello drivers!

VaporWerkz SimSport Team an upcoming team and is now open for recruitment! We currently have 2 drivers registered for 2023 Season 1 GT3 Open and 1 driver for GT4 Series. All of our current drivers have been racing in Precision Racing League over a year. We were able to secure the AM championship in 2022 Season 1 of the AM/PRO division series. Just because we have one championship under our hood, its not going to stop us from claiming more! Not only do we participant in PRL, but we also run IRacing special events and other team endurance series that crosses our path. As of right now, VaporWerkz specializes and has their tires dipped into road racing. We are open to any drivers who wants to join the team and expand it to oval, rally, and dirt series.

We are looking for drivers who:

1. Who wants to have a bunch of laughs with a team running leagues and endurance races with a combination of serious competition to fight for the podium.
2. Veteran and new drivers who are open minded learning from each other without discriminating base off your experience and who you are as a person. There is always something to learn in any car you are driving.
3. Respectful to their peers with respectful jokes!
4. Racing etiquette and sportsmanship. The most respectable drivers are the ones who are able to hold their own in a respectful battle side by side on the track. Know when to give space, which line to take, yielding to the driver who has the right to be on the racing line, knowing when to let a faster driver pass you, the correct blocking strategies, a calm mind while on the track, etc. This is something you learn by experience and never stops. If you don't have this, no sweat! VaporWerkz is a team that helps everyone grow.
5. Drivers who are able to review and and see what they could have done to avoid an incident even when the incident is not your fault. Incidents occur all the time on the track. Especially in any racing league you run such as PRL, but the majority of them are not intentional. 90%-95% of the time, you have the skills to maneuver and avoid them... You just have to have the open mindset to learn what you could've done. This is never easy, even I still go throw a fit. The most important thing is to always learn and see what else you could have done.
6. Have fun racing your hardest and to the best of your ability with your teammates!
Please DM on the forums or discord if you are interested​
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