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Training Videos


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May 21, 2017
Canada, Toronto
Hey guys, this thread will be dedicated to posting training videos to help us all improve. First order of business is racing etiquette. In this first video I will be covering this points:
- How to give way when someone else is on their hot lap
- How to leave space before your own hot lap
- How to handle the first lap, especially the first corner
- How and when to properly overtake
- How to safely defend your position
- How and when to move aside when you have a blue flag
- How to maintain distance during yellow flag and how to resume racing
- Other does and donts

If I missed something, please post it. Keep in mind this is strictly racing etiquette and not how to do hot laps. Nick will cover those in each of the racing threads as the weeks go on. Other types of training videos will come later, such as proper throttle control and braking to maintain complete control of your car and other videos. I'm hoping this will help across all leagues on PRL.

What I need now is a few people that want to help out with the video. Either tonight or tomorrow night. We will need as many people as possible to simulate a full grid. Everything will be staged. I would also need everyone to record and send me the raw footage so I can get many angles.
So far I have Nick signed up.


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May 7, 2017
I am free tonight if you need help. As you have probably noticed in last night race, I'm quite a pro/veteran at moving aside and give way. This raw talent will definitely improve the quality of your videos...