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The PRL Performance Index


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Feb 7, 2017
United Kingdom
Introducing the new F1 EPSC Season 15 Performance Index Rankings!

Each week, this topic will be updated with the latest rankings for the entire PRL grid, to add an extra measure of competition between the drivers on track. Based on a driver's relative performance versus the rest of his division across the season, both in qualifying, and the race, a standardised score out of 100 is calculated for each driver. These scores are then weighted for each division to give a complete ranking of every driver that spans both divisions!

It might seem complicated, but the way each driver's score is calculated is relatively simple. Remember, each driver's score will become more accurate, and so the rankings will become more accurate with each race, as there is more data used to score each driver.

Here's the procedure for calculating each driver's score (if you're not interested, by all means, just skip to the rankings :D ):

Each driver is awarded points based on their performance in qualifying and races. As the official F1 points don't span all 20 drivers, an incremental points system is used, i.e. 20 points for 1st, 19 for 2nd, 18 for 3rd and so on. This is a more effective measure of driver consistency that the official points and gives a more holistic measure. For each driver, the mean, standard deviation (SD) and sum of their scores are calculated separately for qualifying and the race.

In the case of a driver not competing in a race, each absence is scored as receiving one standard deviation less than a driver's mean score. For example, if Michemery has a mean race score of 16 with an SD of 4.2, then if he misses a race he will score 11.8 (16 - 4.2) for the race he missed. His qualifying score will be calculated the same way. Of course, this means, the score a driver gains from absences will change as their performance fluctuates. The more consistent a driver's results, the more points they will gain from an absence.

Thus, a driver's total race score would be calculated as such (where S is the sum of their scores so far, M is their mean score, N is the number of races in the season so far and A is their number of absences so far):

S + A ( M - 1 SD ) / N

This is done for both qualifying and race scores, and gives an 'average' race and qualifying score for each event, including absences.

Qualifying scores are then weighted down by 40%, to account for its lower importance, so the qualifying score is multiplied by 0.6

Essentially, this leaves each driver with a mean race score (out of 20, as 20 is the maximum a driver can score from a race), and a mean qualifying score (out of 12 as it has been weighted down). These scores are then added together and multiplied by 3.125 to give a standardised score out of 100 (rather than 32).

Division 2 scores are then weighted down. Currently, this is achieved by multiplying all Division 2 drivers' scores by 0.525. However, this weighting level may later be adjusted.

Division 1:

After Round 9/20:

[li]Deki 81.90[/li]
[li]Angelo 80.56[/li]
[li]Carre 76.70[/li]
[li]Neyo 72.99[/li]
[li]Rikkurich 72.99[/li]
[li]Kuba 71.27[/li]
[li]KingKim 70.09[/li]
[li]Michemery 66.85[/li]
[li]KillerBlue 64.44[/li]
[li]Yhyy 62.87[/li]
[li]Falcon 54.98[/li]
[li]Smithy 54.31[/li]
[li]Racer 49.77[/li]
[li]Gary 49.44[/li]
[li]Grelofumy 48.86[/li]
[li]Cantera 42.79[/li]
[li]Danny 37.49[/li]

Division 2:

After Round 8/20:

[li]Tigaby 82.11[/li]
[li]Armytricks 77.37[/li]
[li]Pipita 75.28[/li]
[li]Xjari 75.27[/li]
[li]V5HRL 69.95[/li]
[li]Stevo 69.30[/li]
[li]Robertsome1 58.99[/li]
[li]Macca 58.28[/li]
[li]Dave 56.48[/li]
[li]Oldskool 53.79[/li]
[li]RacingAtHome 52.25[/li]
[li]Felix 47.56[/li]
[li]Darius 46.09[/li]
[li]Emperor 44.73[/li]
[li]Joe 42.62[/li]
[li]Fab 41.95[/li]
[li]Ibbo 39.19[/li]
[li]Bellon 36.74[/li]
[li]EduardT 20.57[/li]
[li]RJDW 8.64[/li]

Overall Rankings:

[li]Deki 81.90[/li]
[li]Angelo 80.56[/li]
[li]Carre 76.70[/li]
[li]Neyo 72.99[/li]
[li]Rikkurich 72.99[/li]
[li]Kuba 71.27[/li]
[li]KingKim 70.09[/li]
[li]Michemery 66.85[/li]
[li]KillerBlue 64.44[/li]
[li]Yhyy 62.87[/li]
[li]Falcon 54.98[/li]
[li]Smithy 54.31[/li]
[li]Racer 49.77[/li]
[li]Gary 49.44[/li]
[li]Grelofumy 48.86[/li]
[li]Tigaby 43.11[/li]
[li]Cantera 42.79[/li]
[li]Armytricks 40.62[/li]
[li]Pipita 40.57[/li]
[li]Xjari 39.52[/li]
[li]Danny 37.49[/li]
[li]V5HRL 36.73[/li]
[li]Stevo 36.38[/li]
[li]Robertsome1 30.97[/li]
[li]Macca 30.60[/li]
[li]Dave 29.65[/li]
[li]Oldskool 28.24[/li]
[li]RacingAtHome 27.43[/li]
[li]Felix 24.97[/li]
[li]Darius 24.20[/li]
[li]Emperor 23.48[/li]
[li]Joe 22.38[/li]
[li]Fab 22.03[/li]
[li]Ibbo 20.54[/li]
[li]Bellon 19.29[/li]
[li]EduardT 10.80[/li]
[li]RJDW 4.54[/li]

The 'Bottlejob' Index

Beyond the traditional rankings, a so-called 'Bottlejob' Index has been developed which is a measure of how well a driver performs in the race compared to qualifying. This uses information from the normal rankings in that a score out of 100 for both the race and qualifying is calculated, in the same way as above. The qualifying score is then subtracted from the race score to give a score of 100 to -100.

The higher the positive score, the better a driver performs in the race relative to qualifying. The higher the negative score, the better a driver performs in qualifying relative to the race. A score close to or around 0 means the driver performs equally well in qualifying and the race.

[li]Yhyy 26.95[/li]
[li]Danny 21.65[/li]
[li]Emperor 20.15[/li]
[li]Pipita 14.03[/li]
[li]Fab 13.13[/li]
[li]Stevo 11.88[/li]
[li]Neyo 10.56[/li]
[li]RacingAtHome 10.17[/li]
[li]KingKim 8.97[/li]
[li]F1Racer 8.44[/li]
[li]Macca 6.25[/li]
[li]Carre 5.53[/li]
[li]Michemery 4.66[/li]
[li]EduardT 3.64[/li]
[li]Rikkurich 2.20[/li]
[li]Smithy 1.65[/li]
[li]Oldskool 1.28[/li]
[li]Kuba 0.85[/li]
[li]KillerBlue 0.00[/li]
[li]Gary 0.00[/li]
[li]Felix 0.00[/li]
[li]RJDW -0.07[/li]
[li]Ibbo -0.43[/li]
[li]Tigaby -0.63[/li]
[li]Cantera -0.86[/li]
[li]Bellon -1.26[/li]
[li]Joe -2.22[/li]
[li]Robert -5.62[/li]
[li]Dave -5.63[/li]
[li]Switchblade -5.89[/li]
[li]Grelofumy -6.15[/li]
[li]Deki -8.83[/li]
[li]Armytricks -9.87[/li]
[li]Michaelangelo -20.85[/li]
[li] V5HRL -21.53[/li]
[li]Xjari -24.80[/li]
[li]Darius -34.23[/li]
[li]Falcon -50.43[/li]

Hope you all enjoy studying the rankings, discussing them and arguing over them! I certainly had fun devising how best to calculate them and then watching the scores for each driver reveal themselves



Well-known member
Sep 18, 2017
Norwich UK
This is really cool. I'm a nerd for stats and think it's well devised. My goal is 10th this championship so works quite well for me