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The "Orange Zone" Finds Its Way to Monday PRL

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Kenny Rodriguez

GT3 Fixed Series 2022/S4
GT3 Fixed Series 2023/S1
Kenneth Rodriguez
Aug 29, 2017
USA, Pennsylvania
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Okay Gents, some of you might be wondering what the heck is an Orange Zone? Simply put, and Orange Zone is an area in which should any incidents occur, they are automatically reviewed by an Organizer and then submitted to the competition stewards for review and penalty awards.

So what does that mean for Monday night racing? We've had an unexpected response to our Monday night series switching to the GT3 cars and as such, as league organizers, we want to ensure that the quality and integrity of our racing is held to a high standard. Considering that this is now a Live Broadcast league, our aim is to always put on a good show for the live viewers. When the racing is hotly (but cleanly) contested, it leaves people with the desire to participate in such great racing which is great for community growth as well as the league itself.

The Orange Zone for 2020/S4 will consist of the entirety of Lap 1 from the green flag to the last car crossing the start finish line to begin lap 2 for each round.

While passing and battling are allowed during the O.Z. lap, these must be completed without incident. Any incidents that occur on lap 1 are automatically reviewed by an Organizer (typically will be me) and then submitted to the Stewards to take action on. If found at fault, a driver can be severely penalized up to including race suspension. If a driver is a repeat offender, then the consequences can be more severe.

An incident is described as car to car or car to cars contact, with subsequent resulting incidents whereby cars are forced off track, sustain significant damage or otherwise result in cars that lose positions as a result of an offending driver's actions (i.e.: Avoidable contact, unsafe rejoin, blocking, dive bombing, not holding line, etc.)

So why are we doing this? Again, the answer is that we want to promote a high level of racing within our community and project that quality out to the larger sim-racing community. But it first starts with us right here. If we all learn to battle hard but cleanly, the greatest benefit is first to us because our enjoyment of this hobby is greatly increased. Leaving you with a level of satisfaction and hunger for more of that type of action. Or, you are left with a desire to improve to "get that guy" by the next round. Everyone has a goal in sim racing. Ours is to make it as clean, courteous and as fun as possible.

And to that end I will remind everyone that we have a very diverse group of drivers who are partaking in this Monday league. Some will be here to learn to get faster and more consistent. Some of you hot shoes with high iRating already know the score out on track and are going to be setting blistering laps. What I am saying here is that it "DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR IRATING IS". Everyone here is equal to the other in terms of belonging and being an integral part of our community. We give no preference to a 6K irating driver over a 600 irating driver. In our eyes, you are equally important and relevant to the success of this league. So I am going to "STRONGLY" encourage everyone to leave their egos at the door when entering into a league session. Those of you who know me, know I play no favorites here. Not even, and especially not among my own team members!

Each week, I will upload a video review of all Lap 1 incidents and post the link to said video in that rounds thread. The intent of the video is not to analyze or place blame on any particular driver, but is intended to offer transparency with what is being submitted to the stewards in terms of incidents that occurred during the first lap. In this way, no one can say that a bad decision was made by the stewards. You will get to see "exactly" what the stewards see! And if after the ruling you have a difference of opinion, there is an appeals process.

None of this is to say that there will be no incidents. It's not realistic in the least to think that this is possible. This is intended to promote better decision making among our drivers. It is also intended to assist our less experienced drivers feel confident enough to invest the time needed to become faster. We want to have an amazing season with all of you here from the first round to the final round. Let's make it a great one!!!

Also as a reminder, I encourage everyone to read this post here.

If there are any questions, please reach out to me directly.

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