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Charles Sumner
Feb 5, 2017
USA, Florida, Tampa
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***Yes this is a copy paste from Sunday. It was a quality post!!!!!! But I wanted to ad for those who did not race with us on Sunday. The biggest issue we had was under pace laps and restarts. Please please pay attention and do not take it for granted. 
[li]Wait for the car in front of you to move, don't just expect them to. [/li]
[li]Check your gears before we restart to help prevent accordion issues. [/li]
Sunday otherwise was an awesome race. Let's make this broadcast tonight a great one and do even better that Sunday!!***

Hello Lady and Gentlemen. Tonight will be our first race of the season, and while I will go over these topics in the pre-race meeting in iRacing chat, I wanted to make this thread as a reference as well.

1) Invites have been sent out to the league specific PRL iRacing league. As of this post, I still have 10 drivers who need to accept the invite. The sessions are hosted in this new League, you will not be able to access it through the normal PRL league in iRacing. This change is to limit random drivers from joining our sessions and potentially locking out a league driver due to limited pit stalls. Only active full-time members will be on the roster and anyone who loses their full time status will be removed.

2) There is a league option to assign numbers to all drivers, and I have done so. With that, please still make sure you have the correct number selected in the iRacing paints just in case (this is the first time assigning numbers, so I want to make sure it works). We also still have a couple drivers with duplicate numbers who need to choose a new number, so please let me know ASAP what you would like.

3) Please make sure to read up on the new Caution Review policy and the possible penalties for being a repeat offender for causing cautions. Both oval leagues were plagued last season with too many cautions and hitting the time limit the majority of the time. I personally feel that is the main reason neither oval league has a sponsor this season. Moving forward beyond this season, we need sponsorship to keep the broadcasts going, so that begins with us putting on a show that people want to watch and would be proud of being attached to.

4) In each specific race thread, I have noted the time we will race at vs the time the official lobbies will be ran. The reason there is a difference is because of the limitations between making a lobby on the Website vs the BetaUI. I can make the lobby time the exact time I want for a race on the BetaUI, but I cannot assign race admins, which is super important for our league races. In the Website, I can only pick a ToD Group and not a specific time, but I can assign admins. So with using the website and our sessions having built in practice before the race, that is why there is a difference. However, each league race is made with the exact same weather as the official lobbies, so the only real difference should just be shadowing. Therefore, this season's races should match up well to the official lobbies so everyone can use them as practices throughout the week. We will continue to use Dynamic Sky however, so that way there is still a little bit of a challenge for us drivers to keep up with a small fluctuation in temps if there are more clouds in the sky.

5. Couple league specific rules to keep in mind: 
[li]No tire warming under pace laps. Yes.... we have had dingles crash before.[/li]
[li]Stay to the right in Pit Road. Do not drive through more than 3 pit stalls.[/li]
[li]The field will go on the Green Flag for the race start. Any restarts from a caution, it is on the leader's discretion on when to go once the pace car pulls into pit road. **Black Flags for passing the Pace Car too early will not be cleared!!! This goes for everyone, not just the leader**[/li]
[li]If you have engine damage and can not catch up during a caution, either call out for an EOL penalty or just tow. Please don't give your fellow drivers black flags because of being selfish and your vehicle is limping around.[/li]
[li]No EOL's after qualifying! [/li]
[li]We are all adults, so lets act like it on voice chat during the race and not argue like children. I don't want to hear drama. Talk about it after the race once tempers calm down. If I tell you to clear comms and you continue, you will be removed from the race and it will count as a DSQ and will not be a drop week. Continuation of not controlling your temper will result in removal from the league.[/li]
That was mainly the basics, and more can be found in the Rules section of the Sign Up thread. Looking forward to having a great race with you all tonight.