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Thank You


Active member
Jun 27, 2017
USA, Florida, Miami
First and foremost I’d like to say thank you to everyone that has a hand in the Precision Racing League, and Dre Broadcasting. You guys do a great job, and put in a lot of time and effort that doesn’t go unnoticed. 
Unfortunately, I’m writing this to announce my resignation from the American Iracing Sunday Series for the rest of the season. I know I may have rubbed some of you the wrong way (literally) but it’s in my nature of how competitive I am, but I appreciate the time I’ve spent racing with each and every one of you guys. There just seems to be too much politics within the league, and difference in opinions that seem to be killing the fun. The directors are hard working to find solutions, to increase the quality of racing and I’m positive they will continue making the league better. I’m stepping away to change my focus in a different direction, and also free up time to spend with my family. I’m a full time college engineering student, so my time is very limited as is. I’ve decided to focus solely on the B Open official series within Iracing, and moving to a driver mentor role within Gen X Racing because I love seeing racers improve and get better. With that said, I’d again like to thank all members of PRL and encourage you to reach out to me via Iracing Private Message with any questions or advice on anything Iracing related. I’ve had an absolute blast racing and getting to know you guys, and am thankful for the opportunity racing in PRL. Best of luck to everyone the rest of the season. 
Kodey Knapmiller