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Teamspeak Server


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GT4 Sprint Series 2023/S3
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GT4 Sprint Series 2023/S2
Jerome Berthiaume
Jan 25, 2017
Nicolet, QC, Canada
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Teamspeak is the software we use for voice communication during races, and is mandatory for everyone.  If you are not connected to the TS server, you shall be disqualified from the race.

Teamspeak can be downloaded here:

Once installed, go through the set up wizard for your microphone and make sure you select Push-To-Talk in the Microphone Settings.  You can map your Push-To-Talk button to anything including a button on your steering wheel.  Please don’t map it to a button that you will be using regularly for something else such as typing as everyone will else will hear a click every time you use that button while typing something.

You need to create a new Server for PRL.  Go to Connections > Connect

Server Information
Server Address:
Nickname: Use your forum username or full name
Server Password: PRL7

In addition to the Push to Talk button being what you'd use to talk to everyone, you must set up a second Push to Talk button (Whisper) to talk only to your teammate as follows (Note that your teammate has to be online at the time you do this, but once done, it will remain once your teammate leaves the server):

Go to Settings > Options > Whisper > Whisper Lists then click on New to set your whisper button. After, on the right side of the window, expand Precision Racing League, expand Clients, and double click on your teammate.

Once connected, ensure you join the appropriate channel for your Championship. There are also 5 practice channels you may use at any time.

Want to talk privately with your teammate without being disrupted when you are on track!? We are offering you to rent your own password protected channel for only $1.95 USD/month!
In the event that the PRL Teamspeak server is unavailable, in-game voice chat shall be used as a backup communications solution.