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Sunday Cup 2021 S3 By the Numbers


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NASCAR Cup Series 2022/S3
MX-5 Cup Series 2022/S3
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Charles Sumner
Feb 5, 2017
USA, Florida, Tampa
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@NASCAR Cup Series 2021/S3
Hey Crew, as we prepare for the final season of 2021 coming up, I want to take a couple of moments and take advantage of this stupid-big spreadsheet I created for the year and let’s have a fun and informative look back to what was 2021 S3!

First and foremost, let’s start with us as a collective group.
  • We had 40 of the 42 driver roster spots signed up for the season, but 39 participated at one point during the season.
  • I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the league averaging 25.8 drivers per race was a bit of a disappointment from an organizational standpoint. In the first 3 races we had over 30 drivers (max of 34 the 1st 2 weeks), then the final 7 races were all in the 20s in participation (the lowest was 20 at Indy Road). I understand the timing of the year and the S3 schedule quite frankly was not that appealing, but with that said, here is my plea to all the new members coming into S4 to strive to get that average up over 30 like how we have with the Wednesday Trucks.
  • Special shout outs to Sumner, Acosta, Zemke, Hilton, Holly, O’Brien, Kaelin, Long, Witt, Rondoletto, Cowgill, and Besaw for making every single race!!!!!!
  • In addition, Walter, White, Hudson, Dinkel, Walden, Self, Harvey, Stout, Cervantes, and Johnson all made at least 7 of 10 races!
  • That gives Sunday 22 rostered drivers that will get their names in the prize drawing pool!!!!! Tied for 4th out of the 7 leagues that started in S3. I want to thank those for their dedication to the league.

Let’s move on to our Championships.
  • Well, one type of nail biter turned into a week long other type of nail biter for the Drivers Championship. As the checkered flag waved at Daytona, Octavio Rondoletto held a 1 point advantage over Jaymes O’Brien. That order was swapped as Ovctavio received a post race Stewards ruling after a protest from contact earlier in the Daytona race. Jaymes captured another Sunday Cup Drivers Championship with a 1 point gap over Octavio. Also Bradley Holly, Matthew Long and Abner Acosta rounded out the Top 5 in points, all within 14 points of the Championship, making it the closest, and most competitive Drivers Championship we have seen!
  • As for the Teams, Whataback Black and James Bird Racing gave it a valiant effort taking the fight into the last race, but neither could stop the Team Hype juggernaut from claiming their 5th straight Sunday League Team Championship. The 3 teams were only separated by 20 points at the end of the Season and accounted for 9 out of the 10 wins on the Season. Also, they were the only 3 teams to score 90 or better in a single race this Season.
  • Going into S4, here are the Drivers who have qualified for the Playoff (all with 20/30 race attendance being the main qualification before any other factor):
    • Champion: O’Brien
    • Race Winners: Holly, Acosta, and Long
    • In on Points: Sumner, Besaw, Zemke, Harvey, Walter, Kaelin, Dinkel, Witt, Cowgill, Daniels, Hilton, and Cervantes.

Season 3 Qualifying Stats
  • We had 6 different Pole Winners in the 10 races of S3. Acosta and White tied with (3) Poles apiece on the Season, and the only drivers to win multiple Poles. Regan, Sumner, Long, and Dinkel all snagged (1) Pole each.
  • Rondoletto led the field with an average qualifying starting position of 4.7, despite not winning a Pole during the Season (though he qualified 2nd (3) times). In the first race of the Season, Rondoletto qualified 12th, and that was the only time all season that he qualified outside of the Top 6.
  • White, O’Brien, Walden, Cervantes, Long, Holly, and Dinkel were the only other drivers to average better than a 10.0 on the Season (Way to suck with a 10.2 average there Pole leader Abner!!!!).
  • Of the 27 drivers who participated in at least 5 of 10 races, all but 3 drivers started in the Top 10 at least once during the Season. On the flip side, only 6 drivers managed to qualify in the Top 20 of every race they participated in.

Season 3 Race Stats
  • We had 6 different Race Winners in the 10 races of S3. Acosta led the field with (3) wins on the Season. Holly and Long were the only other multi-time Winners this Season with a pair of wins each. White picked up a win from the Pole at Pocono, as well as Rondoletto and Stout both picking up their first PRL wins this Season.
  • Drivers Championship rivals O’Brien (4.6) and Rondoletto (4.9) led the league in Best Average Finish, the only 2 drivers to average a Top 5 throughout the Season.
  • Long, Holly, Acosta, Stout, Cervantes, White, and Hudson were the only other drivers to have an average finish better than 10.0 on the Season.
  • O’Brien led the field with (9) Top 5 finishes in Season 3. Rondoletto, Holly, Acosta, Long, White, Stout, Cervantes, and Besaw were the only other drivers to have multiple Top 5 finishes. 5 other drivers were able to bring home (1) Top 5 finish. That gave us 15 different Top 5 finishers out of the 39 drivers who started a race this season (38%).
  • O’Brien, Rondoletto, and Long led the field with (9) Top 10s out of the 10 races on the Season. 18 other drivers snagged multiple Top 10 finishes during the Season, with an additional 2 drivers picking up a single Top 10 finish during the Season. That gives us 23 of the 39 drivers who picked up a Top 10 finish (59%).
  • Long barely missed out on a perfect 10 for 10 Top 10 season with his 11th place finish at Pocono. O’Brien and Rondoletto both finished 13th in the 1 race they did not finish in the Top 10.

Now if our Pit Parties show us anything as a league, we are all Ball Busters and Schadenfreude Connoisseurs. So let’s have a little fun (and pain) and look at the timeout corner of Season 3!
  • Including Last Lap wrecks that get reviewed as if they were cautions, we had 27 Cautions this season. Combined with other protests and reviews, that led to a combined 24 caution points given out by the Stewards in S3.
  • Not counting the 2 road course races, we had 15 cautions across 7 races, which I think is a pretty good average to be at for the League.
  • I know what you are thinking, “Charles, that is only 9 races?” and you are right. Where is the 10th? It’s right here because we had 12 freakin’ cautions at North Wilkesboro!!!!! We had cautions created up and down the order in that race, so it just wasn’t 1 group responsible for it all. For us to continue to succeed as a league, we can’t keep letting short tracks be a black eye for us from a caution standpoint. That’s my challenge to the Season 4 roster, because we will have Bristol and Martinsville on the schedule coming up.
  • Of the 19 drivers who received a Stewards ruling, 7 drivers received more than 1 caution point and 2 of those received a suspension. Let’s get that magical number down to 0 please!!!!
  • Let’s lighten it back up now, shall we? Let’s talk about incident points. Now this really can’t be held on the drivers since it’s way too easy to get caught up in other’s messes, so let’s see who the lucky, and unluckiest drivers are:
    • The first fun stat is throughout the entirety of Season 3, not once did we have a driver hit the 24x DSQ limit. If any race would have done it, it would have been North Wilkesboro, where Barron Hilton and Scotty Johnson came close, with 21x and 20x respectively.
    • Kris Hudson held the unfortunate stat of the most Incident Points of the Season with 58 and an average of 6.4x per race. While Kris only had 1 caution point against him this Season so you can't say it was all his fault, he did give me the bad touch at Nashville, so let that be a lesson to NOT SQUEEZE THE ORANGE!!! :p
    • The “Right Place at the Right Time” Award goes to Jaymes O’Brien. Jaymes only collected 12x over the course of 10 races, giving him the Cleanest total and average for S3. Of his incident points, Jaymes only was involved with (2) 4xs during the Season.
    • Even though he collected 4 more incident points than Jaymes, Elliot White led the League with having (6) 0x races in S3.
    • 34 of the 39 drivers had at least 1 clean race in the Season.
    • Of the 22 drivers who attended 7 of the 10 races this Season, 16 drivers were able to escape averaging less than 4Xs per race.
    • The League collected 862x over the course of the Season. The Cleanest race we had this Season was Atlanta, where the entire field only amassed only 38x. On the flipside, North Wilkesboro had 194x….. 22.5% of the Season total came from that race!!!! The only other 2 races that saw triple digits was Watkins Glen (100) and Indy Road (102).

And there we go boys. I hope you all enjoy this damn novel and the time it took to type out was worth it. Let’s all do our parts to make the final Season of 2021 a success and end the year performing to the standards we all desire for the league.


Premium Member
NASCAR Cup Series 2022/S3
Jaymes Peter O'Brien
Feb 11, 2017
Jupiter, FL
iRacing ID
You obviously spent a lot of time on this! I love stats, good stuff. Also, what a great surprise while I'm on vacation!

John War

Premium Member
NASCAR Cup Series 2022/S3
Joao Guerra
Feb 28, 2021
iRacing ID
Thank you very much for the wonderful stats I do appreciate your effort and your dedication.
In the end this is a fun league, with fair, competitive And for the most part clean racing.
Congratulations on another season.
It's a pleasure to be part of it.


Premium Member
NASCAR Cup Series 2022/S3
Oct 24, 2017
Oak Harbor, WA
iRacing ID
I love this. What an insane group of stats! Awesome work Charles!