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Stewards Reports & Protest


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GT4 Sprint Series 2022/S3
Marco Oliveira
Jan 25, 2017
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Race 5: Spain - Barcelona-Catalunya (23Dec15 @ 9pm EST)

[li][ID#: 218] Following a Restart, Falco Bronzo was investigated for starting the race on a different tire compound from what he set his qualifying time on.  Evidence shows that Falco did start the race on Primes, whereas he qualified on Options.  However, the Stewards recognize that the rule was not written with current (real world) tire rules in mind, and in conjunction with some game oddities, it has created some confusion.  To be clear, in real Formula 1, when qualifying and the race are dry, the top 10 qualifiers have to start on the tire compond they set their Q2 fastest lap on.  In  F1 2014 multiplayer, there is no Q2, and furthermore, the game doesn't force the top 10 drivers to start on the tire they set their qualifying time on (as per the old rules).  Not only can we not explicitly adhere to the real world Formula 1 rule, but it makes our rule about tire compounds for restarts ambigious.  In light of this, the Stewards will take no action against Falco Bronzo.  However, from this point forth, all top 10 qualifiers will use the same compound to start the race which they used to set their fastest lap on in qualifying.  The rules have been updated accordingly (5.4)[/li]
Race 9: Great Britain - Silverstone (20Jan16 @ 9pm EST)
[li][ID#: 228] For unsafely slowing on the track between turn 5 and 6 on lap 1, and for subsequently causing an accident, Falco Bronzo will be awarded a 20 second penalty.  The Stewards recognize that Falco was slowing because of an illegal overtake, and the game was asking him to give the position back, but there were safer ways to do it.[/li]