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Stepping Down

PRL-Sammy H

Premium Member
Jan 29, 2017
Whidbey Island, WA
PRL Drivers,

It is with great sadness tonight that I am announcing me stepping away from my duties as iRacing Manager for PRL.  After a short and to the point conversation with Jerome I have decided that in the best interest of PRL that I remove myself from this position for the foreseeable future.  My military career and the break I was in when in Florida has shifted me back to a Full-Time Deployable Command.  Unfortunately this has been overshadowing my happiness, desire, drive, passion, fun, and delicate balance it requires by me as a manager here in the group.  I have told all of you from the very beginning that I am fair and to the point and usually try pretty hard not to keep stuff from you.  Truth be told I have been dreading this day coming around with my career but I knew it was coming when I moved but I just tried really hard to avoid thinking about.  In doing so it has really worn me down mentally.  I enjoy racing with all you guys so much, I love doing my managerial duties for PRL, and Jerome and I have become good friends and somewhat business partners over last 18 months to rebuild PRL and focus on getting us to the top.  We have achieved quite the amount of goals together and there are more to come.  Whether those goals are attained with myself or another manager I know PRL will do great things and continue to strive for the best because that is all we know how to do.

As for me, this decision has been looming for a few weeks.  When I got to my new Duty Station and found out I was not going to be deployed I felt happiness cause I knew I would be able to race and finish this entire season with everyone.  Well, all that has changed now with the stuff going on in North Korea.  So I was told on Thursday last week that my Unit was extended on there current deployment and now they want me to meet them out there.  So since then I have been sitting by the phone waiting on the call to tell me to catch my flight.  It sucks because when you have to mentally prepare for a deployment it takes your mind completely out of the game on everything else going on.  This is what finally brought this decision to the forefront.  It needs to happen because it's the right thing for PRL.  I will not be able to focus as I should and what you all deserve and for that reason specifically is why I made the decision.  I have no idea when I am leaving and to be very honest don't know when I am coming back, it's just a waiting game right now until I get the word.  I really had my mind and thoughts messed up in the race tonight and ultimately just forced me to quit the race, I was completely out of touch with racing.

In my place Chris Perez will be stepping in.  Chris was brought on this season to be an Organizer in the Oval Series but for months now Jerome and I had been flirting with the idea of bringing in another manager.  Knowing what the chances were for my schedule we decided it would be best.  Chris was the hands down obvious choice for us, he has been into the managers role now for a few weeks we just never really announced anything.  Chris has been around PRL for a long time, he has managed many many championships here and basically has done everything I was doing and then some, he will have no issues filling this role.  I have complete confidence in his ability to continue to bring PRL up the ladder.  He's a proven asset to the group and I look forward to seeing what he has in store for the future.

This was quite the post and I do apologize for that.  But I have a few more things that need to be said.  I absolutely cannot put a price tag or a thank you big enough of the guys who helped me manage all our championships.  The Organizers for our series are the backbone of PRL, these are the ones who really take the fight out here daily for PRL and get the job done.  I absolutely would not have ever succeeded here without there help but most importantly there belief in me and my vision for PRL.  It goes without question these guys I truly respect as people.  For my drivers who I have become good friend with since being here, you all are great.  The laughs, the jokes, the funny wrecks, the hot dog stand, the heated battles, the passion, and the dedication is what really makes PRL special.  There are not many words to describe the type of people we have here who have been around for a while that I have grown to respect, and really makes me proud to call FRIENDS!  I would go to battle for you all any day of the week.

In closing, you all will still see me around on TS, I will still be attempting to race until that call comes but knowing it can be at any moment I felt now was the time to say this.  Good luck to all of us, lets keep the tires putting rubber down, and I will be sure to keep my head down so that one day I can come back and fight with you all on the track once again.

Picture here of my new Squadron CO's bird.  VAQ-136 "The Gauntlets"