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Standing Start Issues


Premium Member
David Cristelli
Nov 15, 2017
USA, CT, Enfield
iRacing ID
Ok, so I'm having issues with standing starts, specifically in lower powered cars. I'm doing a career season in a Group A M3 (very fun cars once you get them set up) and no matter what I do I can't get it off the line with any kind of quickness.  I've tried a whole range of launching techniques and they all result in the engine bogging down and me getting hit by the car behind because the AI is too stupid to go around.  I'm using a G29 wheel and pedals and I'm using the shifter and clutch in this situation. No TC.
Is it just a problem with the tire model or physics, maybe? A light RWD car with 320 hp should be able to spin the tires if you floor it and dump the clutch, even with slicks, but it only bogs. I've tried slipping the clutch but it's too on/off, even when I release it really slowly. Is there a way to make the clutch engage more progressively?  Any suggestions?  I'm tired of dropping back several places on the start because of this.