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Specific Series Rules


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Feb 5, 2017
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Hello everyone. I encourage all to read the document above. It should answer most any question you have about the league. If something is still not clear or if you would like more of an explanation behind a certain rule or structure, please feel free to ask in here.

For returning drivers, here are a few new changes from last season:
[li]Bonus points based off of incident points has been removed. There is a new system in place giving bonus points on a per race basis based on our Caution Point system to reward those who race clean on a weekly basis.[/li]
[li]There has been more dialog added to the Caution Review and Point system, please read that thoroughly.[/li]
[li]We will use the new Tire Limit option added to iRacing. We are going conservative this first time around. All drivers will have 4 sets, the set you start on, and 3 sets that you can change on pit road. This will be addressed after the season to see if we want to change it moving forward.[/li]