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Sold: Fanatec v2.5 base, V3 pedals, Formula Carbon rim


Well-known member
David Cristelli
Nov 15, 2017
USA, CT, Enfield
iRacing ID
I stumbled upon a fantastic deal to upgrade my rig that I cannot pass up. I should receive my new stuff in a week or so, and I'll be looking to sell my current stuff soon after. 

I'm selling:
-Fanatec Clubsport version 2.5 wheelbase. It's about a year old and is in excellent condition. I keep all of my gear clean and maintained. I use fairly low FFB levels, so I've barely put any stress on the motor or drive assembly. If you haven't seen or tried one, this base is a nice upgrade from a Logitech or Thrustmaster. The case is metal and components are all nicely machined and anodized. The FFB is very smooth and can be quite strong when turned up. Definitely the best non-DD wheel out there. $475 shipped CONUS or $425 local pickup.

-Fanatec Formula Carbon rim (V1). One of the most popular formula rims available. 270mm diameter. I use gloves with this rim so the alcantara on the grips is still in great shape. There is a little wear on the plastic at the top of the grips, but almost none is visible from the front so it still looks awesome. I may decide to keep this rim and convert it so price is firm. $250 shipped CONUS or $225 for local pickup.

-Fanatec Clubsport V3 pedals w/ brake performance kit and single damper. These pedals are possibly the best bang for the buck out there. All metal construction with a load cell brake. The brake performance kit gives you options for how soft or firm the brake feels through it's travel. I have a damper kit on the throttle pedal (helps slow down a heavy right foot, lol), or it could be swapped to the brake if you prefer. The pedals include the angle/extension brackets and D-shaped pedal pads. The vibration motors are also included but they aren't really strong enough to be noticeable, especially with slippers or shoes on, so I took them off. They can easily be put back on though. As with the wheelbase, I've kept these pedals clean and well maintained. I pull the brake apart every few weeks to clean and re-grease the piston and bushings. There is some minor wear on the heel plate from normal use, and a few minor scratches, but nothing that affects performance or makes them look less pretty. $325 shipped CONUS or $275 local pickup.

I have all the original packaging and shipping boxes, instructions, drilling templates, etc. I've tried to ask fair prices. Keep in mind I'm including shipping which adds a lot to Fanatec's pricing if you look on their site. I'll also consider a bundle deal if someone wants the whole package. New this stuff would add up to about $1320 before tacking on tax and shipping. So let's say $975 shipped CONUS or $900 picked up. Reasonable offers will be considered, low ball offers will be ignored. 

I might be willing to trade for other PC gaming/sim stuff if it's a step up from what I have. Also looking for Buttkickers w/ amps and a 1440p/144hz monitor 27"+.

I'll add pictures later when I get my new stuff, but I wanted to post this in case anyone is looking.