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    GT3 Sportscar Series is now full but we still have room in the Tuesday LMP2/GTE Sportscar Series for our sportscar enthusiasts.

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    Our open wheel Indy Pro 2000 series also has a few spots left for Season 2.

Season 9 Sign-Up & Information

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Jan 25, 2017
Nicolet, QC, Canada
Full Name
Jerome Berthiaume
iRacing ID
The American iRacing Sunday NASCAR Series will have a total of 20 races. This will be 13 regular season races and 7 Chase races. The Season 9 will be held in the NASCAR Xfinity Cars
The season will start on April 8thClick here to see the full season schedule.

There are a max of 40 drivers in this series.
[li]Full time seats will only be assigned by the organisers & managers. Past Seasons and Premiums Members will be assigned first.[/li]
[li]If you are not assigned to a full time seat by the organisers, you'll be invited to two trials races to determine if you qualify for a full time seat. You will receive all the information by email.[/li]
[li]You can be invited into a into a seat if a current season driver wants you on their team. They simply need to declare you on their team in the team selection topic and we will place you into a seat automatically.[/li]
[li]If you sign up, but have not shown good participation in the past, you may be asked to join another championship until you do show good participation[/li]
Click here for more information about the Premium Membership!

Race Day:  Sunday
Practice: 6pm EDT (140 minutes)
Qualifying: 8:20pm EDT (5 minutes / 2 laps)
Race: 8:25pm EDT (approx. 75 to 90 minutes)

We have updated the rules package from last season. It is mandatory to read them all before signing up. Click here to read them.

The Organisers & Managers of this championship are Chris Perez, Brandon Massey & TBA. The race director is Jerome Berthiaume.

You should only sign up if:
[li]You intend to complete a minimum of 17 races out of 20.[/li]
[li]You intend to be active on the forum.[/li]
[li]You are a clean, fair and mature racer.[/li]
If you are interested in joining the American iRacing Sunday NASCAR Series, post below with the following information.
You can copy/paste the list to use it as a template in the quick reply section.
[li]iRacing ID or iRacing Name: [Enter your iRacing ID here][/li]
[li]Car number between 2 to 999 (1 is reserved for last season winner): [Enter your car number here][/li]
[li]Have you read and understood the PRL Racing Rules?: [Yes/No][/li]
[li]Have you read and understood the Rules, Settings, Points & Classification?: [Yes/No][/li]

Please keep in mind that we are not charging any fees to sign-up for our iRacing Championships, but it costs more than $60 per month to host all iRacing Sessions for all championships. All donations are welcome to support our league.
If you would like to sponsor this championship or a circuit, please contact


Color legend: ManagersOrganisersPremium MemberLast Season's Driver, New Driver

* Drivers seat placement is only official once they attend the race your way in event.
[li]Jérôme Berthiaume #17[/li]
[li]Chris Perez #41[/li]
[li] Brandon Massey #11[/li]
[li] Brandon Walter #99[/li]
[li] Dany Duchesne #27(not an Organiser of this series.)[/li]
[li]Ronald McManus #78 [/li]
[li]John Labaff #911[/li]
[li]Brody Greene #20[/li]
[li]Brenden Chatley2 #59[/li]
[li]Paul D Johnson #14[/li]
[li]Kyle Souza #00[/li]
[li]Jeffery Ford #95[/li]
[li]Rory Collins #35[/li]
[li]Colton Layne #60[/li]
[li]Dale Robertson #3[/li]
[li]Steven Mattocks #18[/li]
[li]Craig Hawkins #23[/li]
[li] Dustin Hall #37[/li]
[li]Trevor White #21[/li]
[li]Ken Caruthers #77[/li]
[li]David Dreckman #33[/li]
[li]Jaymes O'Brien #9[/li]
[li]Steven Harry #94[/li]
[li]Steve Aguiar #8[/li]
[li]Brian Weyandt #89 [/li]
[li]Kristian Swensson #15[/li]
[li]Richard L Regan Jr #22[/li]
[li]Kevin Whittaker #5[/li]
[li]Sean Dour #62[/li]
[li]Michael Knight4 #64[/li]
[li]Daniel Smallwood #88[/li]
[li]Ian Layne #98[/li]
[li]Joshua Witherspoon #79 [/li]
[li]Rob Thomas #91 [/li]
[li]Josh Buckman [/li]
[li]Thomas Christiano #58 [/li]
[li]Wesley Thomas Robbins #?[/li]
[li]Joseph Yungkans #51 [/li]
[li]Seth Silverio #81[/li]
[li]Matt L. Miller[/li]


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Feb 5, 2017
Last season drivers have their numbers reserved until the first Race Your Way in event or they signup with a different number. I will get final number clarification for new drivers at the final Race Your Way In event.


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Feb 5, 2017
KingCobra said:
Kristian Swensson

First off welcome back. That number is taken. We can either wait for the Race Your Way In events for you to pick another number or you can check at the link I will attach for a number not yet reserved for a previous season driver. More numbers will free up later once I see what fall off from Season 8 will be.
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