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S7 SIGN-UP HERE - Rules, Settings & Information


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GT4 Sprint Series 2022/S3
Jerome Berthiaume
Jan 25, 2017
Nicolet, QC, Canada
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Welcome to the PRL NASCAR Truck Series! The Season 7 will be held in the NASCAR Camping World Trucks.
This series is broadcasted by Global Sim Racing Channel!​
If you are a returning driver, you'll notice that the signup process has changed a bit. It is very important to read the entire thread!

Series organisers: Brandon Walter (fotors3) & Charles Sumner (Hootius)


When does the season start and end? Season 12 will start on March 20th and will end on May 22nd.
How many races in the season? There will be 10 races in the season.
Is there any drop week? Each driver gets 1 drop week. There is no drop week for Team Championship but drivers' drop week are taken into account in the team standings.
What day/time do races start? Races are on Wednesday. The session start at 6pm with the qualifying at 9pm (EST).
How many seats are available? There is a maximum of 40 seats available.
How can I register? To register, you must first read the entire thread. After, at the bottom, you will find a Google Form that you'll need to fill. There is a $10 USD fee to signup.

Why are you charging entry fee? We are charging a $10 entry fee to help us cover the broadcast expenses. Even with entry fees, we don't have enough money to cover the broadcast, so this is why we need sponsors as well.
How can I make sure I'll have a seat? Here is the seat priority for this series:
[li]Full time seats will only be assigned to drivers who have shown good participation in their past PRL seasons, and to new drivers (innocent until proven guilty).[/li]
[li]The Premium Members will always have a full time seat as soon as they sign up 1 week before the season start.[/li]
[li]The last season's drivers will be assigned to a full time seats prior to the new drivers as soon as they sign up 1 week before the season start. To be considered as a returning driver, you must have attended a minimum of 5 races.[/li]
[li]If you sign up but have not shown good participation in the past, you may be placed to the waiting list. If you get a full time seat, you'll have to prove us you can attend each race.[/li]
How can I become a Premium member? Click here for more information about the Premium Membership! Note that it is not mandatory.
Do I need to have a specific license, iRating or Safety Rating? New drivers need a minimum license of D.
Can I register as part of a team? Of course! But each driver of the team must create an account on the PRL forum and register for the series.
What happens if I'm removed from the full time driver list? You may be moved to the waiting list for one of the reason mentioned above. If you have paid and being moved on the Waiting list, you'll be refunded. If there is a seat that becomes free, you will be contacted by email or on the iRacing website.
What is the structure of a race day? 
[li]Race Day: Wednesday[/li]
[li]Practice: 6pm EST (180 minutes)[/li]
[li]Qualifying: 9pm EST (5 minutes / 2 laps)[/li]
[li]Race: 9:05pm EST (55 minutes (laps))[/li]
Is it open or fixed setup? Season 7 is fixed setup.
What is the points system? The full scoring system is available in the Results, Standings and Scoring System thread.

All Official PRL Championship’s shall adhere to the site wide PRL Rules & iRacing Sporting Code. All rules mentioned below surpass PRL & iRacing Sporting Code rules.
Season Settings
[li]Server: US-MA[/li]
[li]Race Day / Time: Wednesday. Session starts @ 6 PM EST. 180 minutes practice, 5 minutes / 2 laps qualifying, up to 55 minutes race.[/li]
[li]Cars: NASCAR Camping World Chevrolet Silverado & NASCAR Camping World Toyota Tundra[/li]
[li]Setups: Fixed[/li]
[li]Weather: Dynamic Weather & Sky[/li]
[li]Track State / Marbles: 0% @ Start of practice, and then qualifying set to 30% and carried over into race session.[/li]
[li]Starting Type: Rolling Start per Qualification order.[/li]
[li]Start / Restarts: iRacing Sporting Code restart applied (Article 6.8.2).[/li]
[li]Fast Repairs: 0[/li]
[li]Assists: No Assists, Clutch only[/li]
[li]Fuel Load: 85%[/li]
[li]Incident Limits: 13 for more than 1.5 mile tracks, 17 for short tracks and superspeedway / 30 for roads[/li]
[li]Schedule / Season Make-Up: 10 races that will follow iRacing NASCAR C Class Fixed schedule.[/li]
Entry Requirements
[li]All participants are required to use PRL's Discord server, and must be logged in at the start of the race. (1 point penalty may be applied).[/li]
[li]Set your Discord nickname to your name and car number. (ex. Chris Perez #41). (1 point penalty may be applied)[/li]
[li]Must enter with the car number you signed up for the season with. (1 point penalty may be applied).[/li]
[li]You must use a wheel and pedals. Using any other type of input method is not allowed. (Mouse, Controller, etc.).[/li]
[li]iRating: no limit[/li]
[li]Licence: D class[/li]
[li]Must be a member of Precision Racing League on iRacing.[/li]
[li]Your paint must respect the iRacing Esports Network policy. If we received a complain from iESN or a company about a non-authorized paint or logo, you will be disqualified.[/li]
Voice Chat Rules for iRacing and Discord
[li]Refrain from speaking to the general lobby during Qualifying.[/li]
[li]Utilize Whisper on iRacing private channels to communicate to teammates/friends.[/li]
[li]All are to be in one of the rooms under iRacing Channel.[/li]
[li]Follow instructions given by Organizers, Management, and/or Race Control.[/li]
[li]Team room can be created, please ask your organiser.[/li]
[li]Be respectful to other participants. Cursing out, yelling, calling names, etc. Will Not Be Tolerated.[/li]
Series Rules
[li]Drop Week - Over 10 races, each driver is allowed to drop their lowest scoring race. This also includes any events you may have missed. Drop week is automatically applied after the final race of the season. There is no drop week for team championship, but drivers drop week is taking into account.[/li]
[li]Race Starts and Restarts: iRacing Sporting Code (Article 6.8.2). No 3-Wide into T1/T2. Only exception is if trying to avoid piling up the field.[/li]
[li]Wrecks / Towing: If your car cannot maintain speed following an accident, be respectful enough to Tow your car back to the pits.[/li]
[li]Intentional Wrecking: You are not allowed to intentionally wreck yourself or another driver during the official PRL session. This include Practice, Qualifying and Race.[/li]
[li]Entering / Exiting Racing Surface: Always enter and exit the racing surface in the appropriate locations. Avoid stopping on the racing surface. (ie: Exiting pit lane on the backstretch.)[/li]
[li]Racing Etiquette: Follow All iRacing Sporting Code. Lap down car(s) are to give way to Lead Lap car(s).[/li]
[li]Yellow Line: There will be No-One allowed to use the apron to make passes. (Daytona / Talladega specific)[/li]
[li]Pit Road: All car(s) are to stay to the Right while going down Pit Road.[/li]
[li]Pulling Over on Pit Lane: You are allowed to Qualify, and then pull to the side on Pit Lane starts. If you do decide to fall to the back of the pack at the start of the race, and are the cause of an accident. You could possible receive an In-Race Penalty.[/li]
[li]Black Flag(s): Black Flag(s) can be cleared, if Admin deems appropriate and is not currently racing.
[li]Reasons To Clear A Black Flag:
[li]Using Pit Lane to avoid an accident on the front stretch.[/li]
[li]Clipping Pit Lane while trying to avoid an accident.[/li]
[li]Receiving a Black Flag for passing a car under yellow, when the car causing the issue should have Towed.[/li]
[li]Note that there is no race director and the organiser is racing as well. Therefore, your black flag may not be cleared.[/li]
Protesting On-Track Incidents
[li]On track incidents should be avoided at all costs.[/li]
[li]PRL's Racing Rules and iRacing's Sporting Code are in effect for all official races through the season.[/li]
[li]Races start will be reviewed by the series organisers. Following types of incident at start will be automatically sent as a protest by the series organisers:
[li]Crash involving 3 cars and more.[/li]
[li]Contact where one of the drivers lost many positions.[/li]
[li]Dangerous driving.[/li]
[li]The series organisers may not see all incidents at start. If you deem an incident must be reviewed, fill up a protest even if the incident respect one the of criterias above.[/li]
[li]Races review by the series organisers are not mandatory and are by curtesy.[/li]
[li]Stewards can penalize a driver 1-10 points up to event disqualification. Number of points deducted take into account type of incident, magnitude of the incident as well as drivers in-season driving record.[/li]
[li]On track incidents should be reported to the PRL Stewards.[/li]

In favor to help us cover the broadcast expenses, we are asking all members a $10 entry fee.
[li]The entry fee isn't refundable as soon as the season starts[/li]
[li]If you have paid and are moved to the waiting list because a Premium member or returning driver signup and the list is full, you'll be refunded.[/li]
[li]If you are on the waiting list, at the moment we are contacting you to give you a full time seat, you'll only have to pay for the remaining races ($1 per race)[/li]

[iframe], 800, 1555[/iframe]​

[iframe], 800, 750[/iframe]​


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NASCAR Cup Series 2022/S3
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NASCAR Truck Series 2022/S3
GT3 Fixed Series 2022/S3
Charles Sumner
Feb 5, 2017
USA, Florida, Tampa
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Just a reminder to all drivers, we are within a week away from hitting the track and having our 1st broadcast! For those who haven't, make sure you have your dues paid up before the race please!


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Dany Duchesne
Feb 1, 2017
Québec City, Qc, Canada
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Won’t be able to make the reminder of the season. I am already involved in 2 other series on Tuesday and Thursday.