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Aaron Webb
Feb 1, 2017
USA, Arizona, Sun City
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Season 12 of the American PS4 Championship will have a total of 21 races. 

The first race of the season will be Thursday March 21st.

This championship is broadcasted by Charles Sumner (Hootius)!​
There are only 20 seats available!
[li]Full time seats will only be assigned to drivers who have shown good participation in their past PRL seasons, and to new drivers (innocent until proven guilty).[/li]
[li]The Premium Members will have a priority seat as soon as they sign up before the team selection process (usually 10 days before the first race).[/li]
[li]The last season's drivers will be assigned to a full time seats prior to the new drivers as soon as they sign up before the team selection process (usually 10 days before the first race).[/li]
[li]If you sign up for a full time seat, but have not shown good participation in the past, you may be assigned a reserve seat until you do show good participation.[/li]
[li]We will be requiring a speedtest done from your home network computer. You must select the server in Chicago Illinois. All participants must have a ping of less than 100 ms.[/li]
Click here for more information about the Premium Membership!

Race Day:  Thursday
Qualifying: 9:00pm EDT
Race: 9:15pm EDT (approx.)

Click here to understand and to convert EDT to your current time zone.

This is super important to read all the entire specific rules for this championship! (assist allowed, points system, session settings, etc.)

The host and organisers of this championship are AaronWebb85, Dano1Z (Main Host) & KDawgHonda777
You should only sign up if:
[li]You intend to complete a minimum of 15 races out of 21. (For Full Time Driver only) (It's not a problem if you miss a race, just let your organiser know you aren't able to race)[/li]
[li]You intend to be active on the forum.[/li]
[li]You are a clean, fair and mature racer.[/li]
[li]You intend to practice a minimum of 2 hours per week. (We do not recommend that you sign up of your are not practicing and/or can't control the car properly on track)[/li]
If you are interested in joining the American PS4 Championship, post below with the following information.
You can copy/paste the list to use it as a template in the quick reply section.
[li]Full Name: [Enter your full name][/li]
[li]PSN ID: [Enter your PSN ID here][/li]
[li]Full time or Reserve Drivers: [Enter Full Time or Reserve][/li]
[li]Speedtest on Chicago, Illinois server using [Link or screenshot)[/li]
[li]Have you read and understood the PRL Racing Rules?: [Yes/No][/li]
[li]Have you read and understood the Rules, Settings, Points & Classification?: [Yes/No][/li]

Please join our official league chat on Discord  

Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport
Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
Scuderia Ferrari
Sahara Force India F1 Team
Williams Martini Racing
[li]ForzaAlonso14 [/li]
McLaren F1
Scuderia Toro Rosso 
Haas F1 Team

Renault Sport Formula One Team
Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team
LEGEND: Manager, OrganiserPremium Member, Last Season Driver (10 races or more), New Driver (less than 10 races last season)

Full Time Drivers
[li]Daniel Zegers - Dano1Z (PSN ID: Dano1Z) - 22ms[/li]
[li]Kyle Spencer - KDawgHonda777 (PSN ID: KDawgHonda777) - 76ms[/li]
[li]Nick Delp - nickthequick (PSN ID: NickDahy) - 46ms[/li]
[li]Miles Davis - sold1ersix (PSN ID: sold1ersix) - 33ms[/li]
[li]Zach Radke - Wolfsburg_tuner (PSN ID: wolfsburg_tuner) - 14ms[/li]
[li]Skyler Mailloux - Axton_118 (PSN ID: Axton_118) - 78ms[/li]
[li]Conner Stanek - McSendit (PSN ID: McSendit) - 69ms[/li]
[li]Steve Tullo - x_Artanis_x (PSN ID: x_Artanis_x) - 26ms[/li]
[li]Kevin Garcia - PsyQo_Suii (PSN ID: Auxful) - 64ms[/li]
[li]Melvin Guerrero - melg222 (PSN ID: mebbe01 - 32ms[/li]
[li]Mark Kaelin Jr - Bubba18 (PSN ID: Bubba18) - 29ms[/li]
[li]Brian Mosser - Brianmosser88 (PSN ID: Brianmosser88) - 51ms[/li]
[li]Amit Wadhawan - prowlerXYZ (PSN ID: ProwlerXYZ) - 39ms[/li]
[li]Jonathan Pfeiffer - AerosStrike (PSN ID: AerosStrike) - 36ms[/li]
[li]Edwin Garcia - ForzaAlonso14 (PSN ID: l-MysticJoker-l) - 60ms[/li]
[li]Andy Burkhart - ab53moh (PSN ID: ab53moh) - 23ms[/li]
[li]Greg Lanctot - glanctot (PSN ID:Alkalinerage) - 21ms[/li]
[li]Ryan Abels - XRyanXDXD (PSN ID: XRyanXDXD) - 36ms[/li]
[li]Gary Collin - GPcollin (PSN ID: GPcollin) - 37ms[/li]
[li]Jordan Decker - Pacedawgs17 (PSN ID: Pacedawgs17) - 59ms[/li]

Wait List Drivers
[li]James Mills - JamesMills (PSN ID: JamesMills14) - 72ms[/li]
[li]Diego Zignaigo - diego1989 (PSN ID: diego1989) - 64ms[/li]

Reserve Drivers
[li]Aaron Webb - AaronWebb85 (PSN ID: AaronWebb85) - 79ms[/li]
[li]Jarrod Bruno - jrod15243 (PSN ID: Jrod15243) - 21ms[/li]
[li]Alejandro Diaz - aledi88 (PSN ID: aledi88) - 99ms[/li]
[li]Daniel Lozano - gordow3497 (PSN: gordow3497) - 70ms[/li]
[li]Tyler McIntosh - macattack0922 (PSN: macattack0922) - 61ms[/li]
[li]Tom Smith - KoA (PSN: kingsofavalon) - 37ms[/li]


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Daniel Zegers
Apr 13, 2018
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Daniel Zegers
Full Time
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