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Round 8: Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Oval / Afternoon (Sept 24)


Premium Member
Feb 4, 2017
USA, Kansas, Topeka

Sponsor this circuit for only $6.95 USD
Race Length: 125 Laps
Start Type: Rolling
Fuel Amount: 60%
Track State / Marbles: Practice Sessions @ 25% - Qualifying Session @ 0% / Marbles cleaned for Qualifying
Weather: Dynamic Weather
Time of Day: Afternoon

Jeffery Ford

Premium Member
Mar 22, 2017
La Feria, Texas
Awesome race tonight guys.  Great job to my teammates for a good finish (York and Mattocks).  Congrats to Ronald for a great finish tonight as well.  Unfortunatly I got loose and ended my own race tonight, just glad I did not get anyone else.
I had sold my backup wheel and my everyday pedals a few days ago.  I don't get my new stuff until Tuesday.  So I was forced to...wait for it....wait for it......RACE TONIGHT WITH AN XBOX CONTROLLER!

Cant wait to use a wheel and pedals again.....the controller was a HANDFUL.  Anyway, great race guys.  Cya at Phoenix next week.....I love that track for some reason.


Premium Member
Feb 5, 2017
That's crazy you did as well as you did with a controller Jeffery. Last time I used one I wasn't even competitive. Good race last night everyone, really enjoyed it. Also another shout out to Ron.