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Round 7 - Virginia International Raceway - Full Course (May 05)


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Formula 3 Series 2022/S2
Tyler Gore
Feb 11, 2017
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
iRacing ID

Race Time of day2022-05-07 18:10 1x
Race Length23 Laps (~40 min)
Max IncidentsDrive through @ 13x, DSQ @ 17x
Max Fuel50%
Fast repairs0


Formula 3 Series 2022/S2
James R Carter
Jun 11, 2021
Acworth, GA, USA
iRacing ID
@Formula 3 Series 2022/S2

Wednesday Practice Race (May the 4th be with you)

Gentle People, on Wednesday May 4th at 6pm US Eastern, Atomic Racing invites you to a hosted PRL F3 Practice Race at Virginia International Raceway. The Hosted session name is "Atomic Virginia".

Practice starts 6pm US Eastern (Sim Time 16:50) for 50 minutes
Qualifying starts at 6:50pm US Eastern (Sim Time 17:40) for 30 minutes
Race starts at 7:20pm US Eastern (Sim Time 18:10) for 23 laps

*** 50% Fuel ***
*** Damage is disabled ***
*** No AI Drivers at this Track :( ***

Driver’s Briefing

Greetings Gentle People and welcome to round 7 of PRL 2022 Season 2 at Virginia International Raceway, iRacing’s Rainbow Road 😊

Signups for 2022 Season 3 are now open for returning drivers

Track Features
When in close proximity to other drivers, please announce your intention to pit-in.
Please keep an eye on your relative window when pitting out. You may find yourself two wide into turn 1, with other cars approaching rapidly from the rear, on your left.

Lap 1 / First few turns
Be mindful that your tires are cold and brake a little earlier on lap 1.
When we're all bunched up from the start, be prepared for carnage from turn 1 all the way through turn 6.
The crest at turn 10 and the off-camber turn 16 can be challenging on cold tires.
*** Be patient *** Be predictable *** Hold your line ***
Give your car a chance to come up to temperature and then start to push.
Please note that there are harsher penalties for causing a collision on lap 1.

Spins & Collisions
Hold your brakes and give drivers around you a chance to avoid a collision.
Please rejoin safely, using your relative window to avoid other drivers.
The stewards frown upon impeding another driver or causing a collision while recovering from an incident.

Pro vs. Am
Pro Drivers & Am Drivers can still race for track position. Am drivers are not obliged to yield to Pro Drivers.

Blue Flags
Under a Blue Flag, the passing driver & the lapped driver should work together to facilitate a clean pass.
- Lapped drivers please do not block or defend while under the blue flag. Hold your line and let the faster driver make the pass.
- Passing drivers please be respectful and make every effort to keep the pass clean.

Reserve radio transmissions for announcing your intentions to other drivers, such as pitting in, pitting out and maybe an apology.
Keep language clean and save protests for after the race with the stewards.
If you wish to file a protest, please refer to the forms dropdown in the PRL Forums. Protests must be filed within 48 hours of the race.

Driver Interviews
If you make the Podium for either the Pro Division or the Am Division, please connect to GSRC's Discord Server and head over to their interview room. Your adoring fans will want to hear how you dominated your rivals and sent them home in tears.

Web Cam
If you'd like to share your webcam with the Global Sim Racing Channel commentators during our F3 races, here is a link to information about this on their Discord Server:

And here is the link to their Web Cam Service.
GSRC ask that we connect Web Cams no later than 20 minutes before they start their broadcast:
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Formula 3 Series 2022/S2
James R Carter
Jun 11, 2021
Acworth, GA, USA
iRacing ID
En cuanto a la Entrada y salida de pits
Anuncien su intención de entrar a pits por voz o por el chat.
Cuando estén saliendo de pits, vigilen el box de relativo.

En cuanto a la vuelta 1 y primeras vueltas
Tenga en cuenta que sus neumáticos están fríos, por lo tanto frenen o suelten el acelerador un poco antes de el punto de frenada. Permítanle a los neumáticos alcanzar una temperatura adecuada, eso normalmente ocurre después de la segunda vuelta.

Cuando esten juntos desde el comienzo de la carrera, esten preparados para varios accidentes desde la curva 1 hasta la curva 6. La subida de la curva 10 y la curva 16 son muy difíciles con neumáticos fríos, tengan cuidado.

*** Sean pacientes *** *** Sean predecibles *** y mantenga su línea en las primeras vueltas.

Recuerden que PRL sanciona con más puntos a los accidentes causados durante la primera vuelta.

En cuanto a los accidentes en pista y salidas de pista
Si tienen un accidente, mantengan presionados los frenos para evitar un accidente con otros pilotos.
Si se salen de pista, entren en paralelo a la pista, no entren de frente, y vean el box de relativo. Cualquier auto que esté a menos de 4 segundos estará cerca de ustedes.

En cuanto a los pilotos PRO contra los pilots AM
Los pilotos PRO y AM no compiten entre sí por puntos en el campeonato de pilotos, pero aún pueden competir por la posición en la pista. Los conductores de AM no están obligados a ceder el paso a los conductores PRO.

En cuanto a las banderas azules
Cuando un piloto tienen una bandera azul, el conductor que pasa y el conductor rebasado deben trabajar juntos para facilitar un rebase limpio.

En cuanto a los rezagados
Los conductores rezagados no deben bloquear el paso ni defender posición mientras estén bajo una bandera azul. Mantengan su línea y dejen que el conductor más rápido haga el pase.

En cuanto a los mensajes de radio y chat
Reserven las transmisiones de radio únicamente para anunciar sus intenciones a otros pilotos de cuando van a entrar a pits o para disculparse. Mantenga un lenguaje limpio y guarden las protestas para después de la carrera con los comisarios.