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Round 7: Donington Park - GP (20Jun17)


Staff member
Jan 25, 2017
Nicolet, QC, Canada
Full Name
Jerome Berthiaume
iRacing ID
Sponsored by Inside Curb Racing

Race Settings
Weather Slots: 2 (Clear / Light Cloud)
Weather Progression: Sync to race
Starting Time: 14:00
Time Progression: Real
Laps: 31


Well-known member
Mar 4, 2017
San Miguel, Santiago, Chile
Aaaaahhh asdasdasd I thought I could have the victory here, but I did a couple of silly mistakes and actually I don't deserve it. Probben did better than everyone else, so congratulations for the victory, well done!!

I had to lift the throttle on the last lap.... I was running out of fuel, I finished with 0.2 lt !! I hope that you Hootius didn't have the same fuel problems... Anyway I saw you did 6th place, congrats!


Staff member
Feb 5, 2017
USA, Florida, Tampa
Full Name
Charles Sumner
iRacing ID
Q: 5th

R: 6th

Very happy with my qualifying effort. Start was a little gaggle, but fell in line in 5th place it was looking pretty good until I expected too much out of my brakes going into the chicane on the first lap. Fell back to 9th from the time penalty and had a pretty intense battle with Jobes and Mats as the three of us were battling to who can take a shot at Fifi in 6th. That battle went on for a good six or seven laps. Stayed in 8th from then through the pit stops, and then again for another 7 laps after the pits. 

The battle for 6th got tight again between Bubba, Jobes, and myself when Bubba caught grass coming out of Turn 1 and it immediately turned his car right into Jobes, and then spun right in front of me where I T-boned him pretty hard. I've watched the replay back and I'm really shocked both him and I didn't completely destroy out cars on that one. I drove away with that somehow with only a yellow left front suspension. On the last lap I really gained some time on Jobes and got within striking distance going into Sector 3. Jobes ran wide into the grass on the last turn so I had to pounce. We had a little door touch, and a very fun drag race back to the line. I'm not sure, but I have a good feeling that our .071 sec differential maybe one of the closest finishes ever in this league for position.