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Round 5: Road Atlanta - Full Course (July 16)

Round 5, we are reaching mid-season, how do you rate your performance so far?

  • Poor, I have not lived up to the challenge.

    Votes: 4 26.7%
  • Low, I hope to give more from now

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • According to the expected

    Votes: 5 33.3%
  • Well, better than I expected before the beginning of the series

    Votes: 3 20.0%
  • Superb, considering the level of competition, I had great results

    Votes: 1 6.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Staff member
Formula 3 Series 2022/S2
Tyler Gore
Feb 11, 2017
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
iRacing ID
Road Atlanta Full Course.png


Time of day: Sunrise
Practice: 6:34 AM (in-game time)
Qualifying: 9:14 AM (in-game time)
Race: 9:29 AM (in-game time)
Race Length: 60 minutes
Max Incidents: 24
Max Fuel: 65%
Start: Rolling
Fast Repair: 0

Welcome to Round 5 here at Road Atlanta! We are halfway through the season. I do hope everyone is enjoying themselves!

Tonight is sure to be fun and fast with some close racing and action!
Keep in mind PRL will automatically review incidents where 3 or more cars are involved. Let’s try to keep the paint trading to a minimum on the first lap! I would like to see everyone finish tonight’s race.  If you do find yourself not facing the right direction, please lock those brakes up. Failure to do so can result in a penalty to you even if you did not cause the accident. You are responsible for attempting to maintain as much control as possible. This is to ensure someone else’s race is not ended early and also helps you stay in the race and avoid excess damage.

All, we have a forum! Please get on over there and use it.  Ask questions. Post comments. Ask for advice! We would like to see it utilized more every week. Christian has graciously been posting polls in the race topics each week. Use these polls to continue the conversation and to get better each week!

Let’s keep the chatter over iRacing to a minimum as well. There have been complaints about excessive talking. Please use your team channel for all inter-team communications. Leave the broader mic open for emergencies and appreciatives. Continued abuse of the voice comms will get you muted and possibly point penalties.

We have 60-minutes to keep the viewers on GSRC entertained. Let’s give them a great show this week! Keep calm and race on!

That is all I have for tonight!  Good luck everyone. 


¡Bienvenidos a la Ronda 5 aquí en Road Atlanta! Estamos a mitad de la temporada. Espero que todos se diviertan!

¡Esta noche seguramente será divertida y rápida con algunas batallas cuerpo a cuerpo!
Tengan en cuenta que PRL revisará automáticamente los incidentes en los que estén involucrados 3 o más automóviles. ¡Intentemos mantener el repintado de los autos al mínimo en la primera vuelta! Me gustaría ver a todos terminar la carrera de esta noche. Si tu auto queda mirando hacia el otro lado, bloquea los frenos y no lo muevas hasta que haya espacio para moverlo de forma segura. De lo contrario, se podría imponer una sanción incluso si tu no causaste el accidente. Recuerda que eres responsable de intentar mantener el mayor control posible. Esto es para asegurar que la carrera de otra persona no termine antes y también te ayuda a permanecer en la carrera y evitar el excesivos daños.

A Todos, tenemos un foro! Por favor, visítenlo y úsenlo. Hagan preguntas. Publiquen comentarios. ¡Pidan consejo! Nos gustaría ver que se utiliza más cada semana. Cristian ha estado publicando encuestas en los temas de la carrera cada semana. ¡Usa estas encuestas para continuar la conversación y mejorar cada semana!

Mantengamos el chat de voz en iRacing al mínimo también. Ha habido quejas por hablar excesivamente. Utiliza el canal de tu equipo para todas las comunicaciones entre equipos. Deje abierto el micrófono más amplio para emergencias y agradecimientos. El abuso continuo de las comunicaciones por voz puede provocar que te silenciemos y posiblemente tendrá penalizaciones puntuales.

Tenemos 60 minutos para mantener a los espectadores en GSRC entretenidos. ¡Démosles un gran espectáculo esta semana! ¡Mantén la calma y corre!

¡Eso es todo lo que tengo para esta noche! Buena suerte a todos.

Cody Bauman

May 7, 2019
Unfortunately I won't be able to make this race. Unexpected family matters will prevent me from being home before the race gets underway. I will be sure to tune in to the broadcast to check out the action I will be missing out on.

Best of luck to all drivers at Road Atlanta this coming week!


Premium Member
Formula 3 Series 2022/S2
Jonathan Almenar
Oct 1, 2018
iRacing ID

Unfortunately I wont be able to make this race. One of my pedal's cable broke and now I have to wait for the manufacturer to fix it and return it to me. Hopefully I'll be back for Gilles Villeneuve.

Gary Schilling

Premium Member
Gary W Schilling
Nov 29, 2017
USA North Carolina Southport
iRacing ID
It's not looking good for me either.
Got some new equipment and it looks like I have a bad motherboard.
I'm having some issues rewiring the old one and will take it to the shop tomorrow.
The guy is swamped and not sure he will be able to get to it in time :(


Adam helm
Jun 4, 2019
Canyon Lake, TX
iRacing ID
Tonight is the only night this week my wife is off, and she does things with me iracing frankly can’t, so I have to sadly miss a second week. Can’t wait to get back in the race though!


Premium Member
Oct 23, 2018
Conyers, GA
iRacing ID
Sassy_McSassypants said:
Can I change my vote for the poll? :(

Had a bad night too? I was good until some net-code (I think) got me at the the start with Nick (Sorry, Nick, didn't receive a car contact at all for that incident so I wasn't sure if I caused it, the internet, or we both choked.) and then got some dirt going in to the esses sent me in to the wall. Which ended my second top 10 chances since starting this series.  :?