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Round 13: Italy - Autodromo Nazionale Monza (13Jan18 @ 7pm GMT)


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Feb 1, 2017
USA, Arizona, Sun City
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Aaron Webb
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Division 1:
Session host is Michemery​
Qualifying starts at 7:00pm (UK time) followed by the race​

Division 2:
Session host is Macca​
 Qualifying starts at 7:00pm (UK time) followed by the race​

Pre-Race Questions:
Division 1 & Division 2:
[li]It may seem early to begin thinking about this, but have you started thinking about your teammate for next season? [/li]
[li]How do you think choice of cars should be governed next season? [/li]
[li]Monza is an extremely basic track with respect to other tracks in the calendar, however the track limits at the 2nd chicane, at the start of sector 2, is a controversial topic. It is well known the both inside and exit kerb can be cut a substantial amount. What is your stand point on this?[/li]


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Mar 5, 2017
England, Brisol
1. Yes, i think teammates are extremely important, in helping each other and you want to be with a driver you agree with.
2. I think championship order makes sense, as it rewards people for where they finish, but i also think doing a 3 car-way pick and everyone will get one of their favourites is a very fair way of doing it. But motorsport cant always be fair.
3. You can cut an enormous amount at this 2nd chicane, and it gains a significant amount of time, will i do it? I dont know, i think i will try avoid it, as it is effectively making a new track if you cut it perfectly.


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Sep 18, 2017
Norwich UK
1. I quite like racing with Fab. He's a good guy and don't really mind who I race with. We both do every race which is the main thing. I feel bad for RJ as he hasn't had any team mate really. 
2. Personally I would quite like to see the back of Haas it has the most nondescript colour scheme. But hey again it don't fuss me. Ibbo will be a man in demand because the alfa sauber looks amazing. 

I think if both drivers want to stay in that team it should be theirs. If one doesn't then it should be down to championship order from previous seasons. 

3. It's pretty nuts. In my experience though I think the d2 guys may lose time trying to cut the first part of it. If you don't cut it perfectly you get bumped from the curb. I'd say it's risk reward at d2. D1 will be consistent enough to abuse it. 

The exit before the back straight is more abusable for an overtake though. If you cut that and carry speed you can easily over take. The 2nd chicane you can block people cutting.


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Apr 17, 2017
1)I've had a bit of thought about it not sure who will be my teammate next season but I'm willing to listen to anyone who wants to be mine😉

2)should remain as it is as I don't see a problem with it

3)I'm not gonna lie and say I won't because I will if there is time to be gained I'm sure people are going to do it even if they say they wont


1) Haven't thought about it yet. I like having Stevo as my team-mate but I'm not sure if that feeling goes both ways. I don't mind most people as a team-mate for next year so I haven't given it much consideration.

2) I think teams should be mixed every season but the constructor winners get first priority IF they choose to stay together. I would like to go to Ferrari, Toro Rosso or perhaps even Sauber next season. I think they have the best liveries and most people seem to agree so I expect there to be a lot of demand for those teams.

3) No problem with that. I think being able to consistently get it right is a skill. If you get it wrong, you lose a lot of time. If you get it right, you are rewarded. Seems fair enough as a part of the track. No need to put rules around it in my opinion.


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Aug 24, 2017
Netherlands, Zaandam
1. I haven't thought about my teammate for next season, as I don't really care who my teammate is the only thing I would like my teammate to have is similar or better pace, as this will make me better.

2. I think we should use the system which has been used this season.

3. I think that if you can do it do it, as it saves you time and racing is all about going as fast as possible and if you can't do it try to learn it.


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Feb 5, 2017
Germany, Schleswig-Holstein,
1. Nope. Not a single second. It's always nice to have a teammate who can push you to the limit or just a person you really like. I'm still hoping for a miracle so macca will be in D1 next season. So feel free to send him your setups & share your driving tips with him. Thanks :)

2. I don't think there is a perfect way to do it. There will always be one person who isn't that happy. I'm sure our organiser will find a good middle way as always.

3. If you want to be competitive & be on the absolute limit, then you have to cut it. It's a shame it is like that but if the game says you can cut it, everyone should do it. Codemasters messed it up once again xD


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Mar 4, 2017
Hopefully be home in time I'm at a diabetic appointment which I hoped be done by now but as usual, no staff around, if not on just continue I'll join when I can if in the race I'll be Channel 4 and broadcast it, I like Monza not much need to break at all.

1. Jake as ever if will have me
2. Champion gets to pick 1st been a nice one way to congratulate for winning but anyway, is ok by me as ever PRL is the best.

3. Everyone should include an allowable corner cut in their style of driving, its Codemasters fault for not taking it out or slowing the cars over it, I'm faster not using it somehow maybe got into a route I like.

I'll get back to getting Pokemon on my mobile phone I guess and hope these idiots hurry up, on the bright side the receptionist lady is kind of hot, not DH hot but close.