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Round 12: Belgium - Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (06Jan18 @ 7pm GMT)

Best Setup for Spa? Feel free to explain your choice

  • Low Downforce

    Votes: 4 36.4%
  • Medium Downforce

    Votes: 5 45.5%
  • High Downforce

    Votes: 2 18.2%

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Feb 1, 2017
USA, Arizona, Sun City
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Aaron Webb
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If we had a nations cup, which nation would win?​

To all drivers:
1) What’s your goal for this race?​
2) Who do you think will be your rival for his race?​
3) How is your pace looking?
4) Is Spa the best track on the calendar?
5) What’s your favourite part of the track?

*Notice* At 18:15pm (UK time) Saturday there’s will be a 30min FP3 session. Host will be announced at a later date​


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Mar 5, 2017
Pre-race interviews


Killer (Sauber)
(Q) On the beta you and Deki where similar pace. Since then Deki has gone up a level and looked unbeatable, meanwhile you haven’t been able to maintain that pace. Why do you think that is?
(A) I would say I’ve not had the motivation this season as in previous ones. Since the start of the season, my levels of practice have dropped, and I’ve just tried to enjoy the races over being competitive. The practice is too draining, and it just means the races wind me up when they go wrong

(Q) Do you think you can win a race before the season ends)
(A) Nope. Not without a gargantuan planet-sized slice of luck

(Q) Since Liam has left the league you no longer have a regular teammate. Would you prefer a regular teammate? How impornt is a good teammate to you?
(A) It’s not important particularly but it’s still nice to have someone where you can support each other each week

Gary (Toro Rosso)
(Q) In the Christmas Race you took Pole. How does this compare to your P2 on the grid at Monza? (S14)
(A) Probably just slightly better than Monza because nothing compares to a pole position, even if there where faster drivers who didn’t set a lap

(Q) There’s an off track rivalry between you and your teammate. How important is it to beat him?
(A) Its very important for both of us to beat each other as we love to have bragging rights over one another 

(Q) A lot of drivers have been switching to a wheel. Will you be doing the same?
(A) I actually got a wheel for Christmas. Its not the best wheel in the world but I’m sure it will help me improve my lap times 


Jari (McLaren)
(Q) You have been the standout driver in D2. Hkwver you only need have 2 wins. What would you put this down too?
(A) I just mess up to much and the mistake have cost me the chance of winning a couple of times, so I just need to get better 

(Q) You're most peoples favourite to win D2. Which drivers do you think will challenge you for the title?
(A) I think Army is definitely a title contender, as he is always near or on the podium. V5 is also a contender, but has to be a little more consistent  and he needs a bit more luck. Tigaby might also be a contender if he can keep his car on the track 

(Q) Do you think you and Pipita can win the constructors?
(A) I definitely think we can, if I’m not wrong we are leading and have been for a while. The last couple of races were not the best for the team, but  as long as we both race normally I think we can

V5 (Renault)
(Q) After you’re super impressive win in China, in which you showed great pace, you haven’t been able to recreate that win or pace on a consistent basis. Why is this? 
(A) Mainly a lack of consistency and bad luck 

(Q) In that race you had a great SS-S 1 stop strategy. Since that race you haven't been able to do something similar. Was China a one off? How do you find your tyre wearing in geneal 
(A) I believe it was down to medium TC being easier to control. I was on holiday for 2 weeks after China and the update came whe I came back  so it felt completely different when I started again. 

Some may argue it was a one off and I thought somtoo, but I’ve had race winning pace in a lot of races. I think it’s mostly down to being inconsistent.

Generally I’m quite good on my tyres and fuel saving

(Q) Do you think you can win the D2 title?
(A) if I put my act together then its possible but not likely 


I like this format. It's a lot more interesting!

My goal for this race is to be in the top 5. I'm pretty sure I won't be near the front since I haven't touched F1 2017 since the last race before Christmas. Looking at damage control more than anything.

This is difficult but since the most common nationality in the PRL European PS4 league seems to be British, I'm going to say that Britain would win regardless of the quality of drivers.


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Apr 17, 2017
Good to see that your willing to try something new

My goal for this race is just to not come last and if I could somehow manage to get a point I would be very happy

I can confidently say it wouldn't be the Irish probably would be between the British and German


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Feb 5, 2017
Germany, Schleswig-Holstein,
1. Don't have any goals for this race as the last time I played F1 was at our christmas race. Gonna start to practice on saturday. Looks like I can't use my new wheel for this race :/

Probably guys like rikk, smithy & kim. Fingers crossed for a entertaining race

3. My One lap pace around spa was looking good a few weeks ago. Not sure how it is now

4. Yes !!! By far the best. It just lovely & always good for a chaotic race.

5. S2 is really enjoyable if you nail all corners. It has a really nice flow. S2 of korea is similar. I loved that section because the driver can make the diffrence there


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Mar 5, 2017
England, Brisol
If we had a nations cup, which nation would win?[/
I guess Germans, as i think Deki, KingKim, and Neyo would be very strong.
British could do good as well though as they have more depth i would say; Falcon, Mich, Killer, Me.

1) What’s your goal for this race?
To get back towards the front (With a new pad i might be back to where i was :D)
2) Who do you think will be your rival for his race?
Rikk, Kuba, Neyo, Mich as they all seem a little bit faster.
3) How is your pace looking?
No idea, i havent really practised much
4) Is Spa the best track on the calendar?
Certainly not
5) What’s your favourite part of the track?
I like the start of the middle sector just up to the corner with no name, very nice and flowing.
Oct 28, 2017
Greece, Thessaloniki, Evosmos
1) What’s your goal for this race?
Be on the podium and hopefully get some points on Deki and Michemery.

2) Who do you think will be your rival for this race?

3) How is your pace looking?
It's good, on the high 42s so hopefully 2nd row or higher in qualifying.

4) Is Spa the best track on the calendar?
No i don't particularly think so. It's good for battling and some nice corners though.

5) What’s your favourite part of the track?
Probably Pouhon because it's just about flat if you're lucky in Qualifying and it's pretty challenging in the race when you're following someone.


Mar 6, 2017
1) What’s your goal for this race?
Somehow points.

2) Who do you think will be your rival for his race?

3) How is your pace looking?
I really like Spa, It's one of my better tracks. I haven't done any practice at all tbf, just a few TT laps a few weeks ago and some random online bullshit, so let's see. I know I'm actually slowest right now in D1, but with not putting much practice in it (actually nothing, lol) and staying away for a couple of races I'm not that far away from the midpack. My goal for this game was driving with manual gears and medium TC in every race and beeing faster with it and thats the case, so I'm happy. In February I've more time to practice, so if I'm still interested in the game and the league I will (hopefully) catch up.

4) Is Spa the best track on the calendar?

5) What’s your favourite part of the track?
The middle sector


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Sep 18, 2017
Norwich UK
[font=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]1. To not take anyone with me when I spank the car into the wall at eu rouge[/font]

[font=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]2.[/font]
[font=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Probably RJ I would say.[/font]

[font=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]3. My pace is so inconsistent around here.[/font]

[font=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]4. It's horrible it has no 90 degree corners bar the hairpin and rewards technically good drivers. I literally cannot do this track.[/font]

[font=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]5. I've come to respect the run off area just after eu rough the barrier is very well rendered and gives a lovely crunch.[/font]
Debate of the week. Not Romania 


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Mar 4, 2017
1) What’s your goal for this race? Finish and hope everyone else doesn't.

2) Who do you think will be your rival for his race? Fab I hope and I get to stay with him all race not just up to the first pitstop.

3) How is your pace looking? trying hard as usual lots of offline practice

4) Is Spa the best track on the calendar? Yep

5) What’s your favourite part of the track? from the 3rd corner till the checkered flag. from the 3rd corner because worry I'l mess up on the first ones with so many cars around.