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Round 11: Hungary - Hungaroring (16Dec17 @ 7pm GMT)


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Feb 1, 2017
USA, Arizona, Sun City
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Aaron Webb
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Division 1:
Session host is Michemery​
Qualifying starts at 7:00pm (UK time) followed by the race​

Division 2:
Session host is Macca​
 Qualifying (Full) starts at 7:00pm (UK time) followed by the race​

Division 1 Pre-Race Questions:
[li]Are you looking forward to the winter break?[/li]
[li]Hungary is generally a single-file track, with little overtaking spots. Do you think the pole sitter will win? And how important is quali this weekend?[/li]
[li]Which race out of the remaining races are you most excited for?[/li]
Division 2 Pre-Race Questions:
[li]For many drivers it was their first experience of full qualifying in PRL. What was your thought on it?[/li]
[li]This track is described as "Monaco without the walls", What tracks that we've had would say its like? Going of your track comparison who could be strong here?[/li]
[li]This is the last race before the winter break, are you looking forward to the winter break?[/li]


Oct 10, 2017
Birmingham, United Kingdom
1) It was good. Put more pressure on the drivers to perform even longer but was good.

2) Xjari looks very fast around here, as does V5HRL, but we'll have to see on Saturday

3) No, because I've finally found some good pace and it's gonna wreck my momentum, but it's good for me to get more practice in to come back even stronger in Spa.


1. Lots of fun but I wouldn't want to do it every time. Would be nice if we did it once every 5 races or so. Or maybe just at the classic tracks like Spa, Monza, Silverstone, etc.

2. I'd agree, it is much like Monaco. A lot of concentration is required on this track and I feel like V5 might run away with this one (or maybe Jari). I was quite lucky to win here in the pre-season race and everyone, particularly V5 and Jari, have really picked up their game since then. I haven't had a chance to practice yet so we'll see how it goes!

3. Yep. Looking forward to a nice break, although I haven't put a lot of time into this league anyway since I'm still in school and need to focus on that. Anyway, I'm very excited for the Christmas race, with the mix of D1 and D2 drivers together in the same teams!


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Sep 18, 2017
Norwich UK
1. A nice change. A tad too long for a regular thing. 

2. I never get that comparison with Monaco. For me it has a lot of similarity to catalunya in regards to the sweeping hairpin type corners and the chicane. It's also a rather long race. No idea. Now that Tigaby whinge enough about switchblade moving in I'm guessing he will DNF. Xjarii for me.

3. I'll do the Xmas race . So not really a break. I hate Spa, it's a track that highlights who is a good driver. 


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Apr 17, 2017
1)very much so considering how up and down my season has been I will be looking forward to a break away from the game

2)it's very likely as I feel the race will be decided on the first corner bar any incidents

3)looking forward to the second part of the season I have many favorable tracks but I'm most looking forward to monza and Singapore giving they are two of my favorite tracks
Oct 28, 2017
Greece, Thessaloniki, Evosmos
1. Are you looking forward to the winter break?
Not really to be honest! I have had so much fun already in my first 5 races that i don't really want the action to stop. But it's a good opportunity to rest and think about the championship for everyone.

2. Hungary is generally a single-file track, with little overtaking spots. Do you think the pole sitter will win? And how important is quali this weekend?
I do think that the poleman will be the winner. Hungary is not a track that promotes a lot of side by side battling and with strategy being an easy 1 stop, i think the polesitter won't have any trouble to defend his position.

3. Which race out of the remaining races are you most excited for?
I am particularly looking forward to Singapore, Italy and Japan. The whole 2nd part of the season is going to be exciting though.

Good luck everyone.


Apr 17, 2017
Finland, Salo
1. Not really looking forward to a break, but maybe it’s an ideal place to have one since there are quite a lot of problems in online. Hopefully they will be fixed and we will have a safety car after the break.

2. Qualifying probably is very important here, but there is always a chance of an undercut so getting a pole doesnt guarantee a win I think.

3. I like the last half of the season a lot more than the first half. Really looking forward to Singapore and USA


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Jun 17, 2017
1. I love racing so not really looking forward to the brake of f1 but looking forward to school holidays lol
2. I am looking forward to an exciting race it will depend on whoever starts at the front and how quick people are in the race. I think there are overtaking opportunities but you have to do an unexpected move otherwise it will probably really hard.
3. Not sure maybe Brazil because of the overtaking opportunities you will get in the first sector. Also i quite like this track because it is so smooth to drive


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Mar 4, 2017

Quali - Was fun think I have finally mastered corner 4 after crashing out on that corner in last seasons race on my out lap in quali and on the 1st lap of the race.

Race really fun race with Fab would of been a fun battle till the pitstop were I usually fall away from Fab. From 38 minutes into the video at start of lap 5 I crashed out of the race, me and fab were pulling christiano_7 in fab passed him after the final corner going onto the start-finish line I thought could also go through but I went onto the grass so backed off and fell in line with christ but on the 1st corner not sure what happened all grip went and I went into the wall and lost my wheel.
Did more broadcasting though think this season I have crashed out more than ever before, not sure I like it but maybe means I'm trying harder (yeah I'll stick with that I like that). Drivers of the day are Dave for holding V5 off at the end of the race Dave was on Inters and V5 on the must of been faster at that time Wets but as 1 hour 12 min 12 secs show you can't be sure with Codemasters Broadcast mode working right with tyres I could have been shown the wrong tyre compounds but with speed of V5 catching Dave I highly doubt it Dave also moved up 10 places from grid if I remember right more then anyone else. Driver of day 2 is, of course, my rival Fab for our 4 lap battle and grats on the point :)

Have a Merry Christmas, and as I said in the PS chat love your friends and family over Christmas and eat lots so your heavier and therefore drive slower at Spa so I can win. Now to practise for the Christmas Race and Spa in the new year I need to fight and finish a race. I'll be on a PRL recruitment if that ok for the Project Cars 2 league and GT Sport over Christmas too if that's ok of course and be great to join up with you guys if have these over Christmas and at any time really.

PS DH never showed up