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Round 10: Sonoma Raceway - Long (Oct 12)


Premium Member
Feb 4, 2017
USA, Kansas, Topeka

Sponsor this circuit for only $6.95 USD
Race Length: 50 Minutes
Start Type: Standing Start
Fuel Amount: 22%
Track State / Marbles: 25% / Not Cleaned
Weather: Dynamic Weather
Time of Day: Morning

James Brant

Jul 20, 2017
United States, Indianapolis, IN
Congrats to Christian on another win. It was nice of him to start near the back this time and still claim the victory and fastest lap. In typical fashion, I spun on my own and then hit the wall later that lap on the front stretch while looking at black box info. After a fast repair in the pits, i followed Matt G around for a few laps and, after he was nice enough to let me past (being that i was now 3 laps down), I promptly hit the wall again after glancing at the black box....again. Matt, I'm just glad my stupid driving didn't take you down with me. Sorry.

All in all, it was a terrible race for me. I'm not sure why i couldn't concentrate on the road. I may just have to turn the black box off next time. On a busy track like that, it is just plain dangerous to a person like myself who can't multitask. Congrats again to Christian. Owen, nice Q lap. See you guys next week.


Premium Member
Jul 26, 2017
USA, Indiana, Seymour
Full Name
Paul Wildridge
iRacing ID
It was a real fun race minus finding the tire barrier in the carousel turn. Owen and Matt G. thanks for the clean racing. Christian sorry for the wrong name drop but hell of a good run dude. I wanted to battle you more but my dumb eyes went to my mirrors to see if you were attacking and when I looked down I missed my marks. You were lightning like usual. I say we make him race the next race with 3 wheels. Anyway all it was fun and am looking forward to the Glen!


Staff member
Feb 11, 2017
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Full Name
Tyler Gore
iRacing ID
Don't feel bad James. I did the same thing at what sounds like the same point. Managed to get back to the pits only about 10 seconds down for a fast repair. Filled full fuel in hopes to make it to the end. Got real lucky there.

I had a blast racing with Matt Ross. One further comment... From what I saw, nice race from William Lee. I'm seeing much improvement. Hope you stick around next season!