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REQUIRED - pTracker & PitLanePenalty


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GT3 Sprint Series 2023/S1
MX5/GR86 Series 2023/S2
GT4 Sprint Series 2023/S2
Jerome Berthiaume
Jan 25, 2017
Nicolet, QC, Canada
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Click here to download pTracker.

Easy to install, just run the installer.

To activate the app in Assetto Corsa: General Settings / Option / UI Modules. There is a tick box for ptracker, tick this box.

To show the app in game, hover mouse to the right edge of screen when in drive mode, then select ptracker from the buttons that appear, once selected it will show on screen everytime you play Assetto Corsa, whatever car, whatever track. You can hide app by selecting the button again. You can move the console to anywhere you wish on screen. For those that don't know, all other displays are in these buttons, i.e.: map, gear display, etc.

The client app provides a window in the game with 3 sections; the hotlap sectionthe leaderboard section and the message section. Each section is highly customizable, you can decide about the information displayed on your screen. Cars setups can be shared in real time and all race stats can be viewed on-line.

Click here to download PitLanePenalty.

You need also to download the PLP update package, which will always be available in the next round track-thread.

Extract to your steam/steamapps/assettocorsa folder.

You need to activate this mod in the general settings/options/ui modules tabs on the initial load up screen and then in game itself, on the right of screen where the apps are, it looks like a black flag. Any problems, get in touch and I will be happy to help.

Here is a video explaining how to use this app and how to best manage it: