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  • RaceSpot broadcast information & paints

    Hi Guest,

    We recently updated the Broadcast information page under league information with the announcement of our new partnership with RaceSpot.

    Note that RaceSpot is not using Trading Paints on their broadcast and all members will need to update their paints on

    Please consult the Broadcast information page for more details and procedures.


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Charles Sumner
Feb 5, 2017
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The PRL Leadership is aware of a bug in qualifying that will allow a faster invalidated lap time due to corner cuts, to be awarded over a slower valid lap. Due to this issue, there will be a very strict and enforced guideline that all drivers will need to follow until the bug is resolved. Any driver found in violation of taking advantage of this bug will be awarded a 3 lap penalty to be tacked on at the end of the race results. All drivers are expected to have a recording of their qualifying available if there is an inquiry made. Not having video proof will be treated as an admission of guilt. Any drivers found falsely accusing other drivers in an effort to give them a false penalty over not having proof will lose rights to Stewarding privileges, upon other possible penalties.

The league organizers and PRL management have faith in our drivers. If we felt like someone would willingly abuse this type of bug, they probably would not be with us at this point as it is. We just want it to be known that this is a very serious bug, and that we do not want anyone playing with fire with it. So if at any point you get the warning of corner cutting or exceeding track limits during your qualifying run, please just bail out of the lap and do not leave it to chance. Thank you.
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