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PSA - Check your pedal calibration!


Well-known member
Apr 17, 2017
Trenton, NJ
I was really frustrated after being so off pace again tonight so I dug into my telemetry on VRS from my last few races and noticed I'm only hitting about 99% throttle. I don't think I noticed before because it looks like i'm hitting 100 in game and even on the telemetry trace but watching the actual number itself I never get past like 99.7% throttle. Check it out: 


I re-calibrated my pedals and ran a few test laps and it shows 100% now, gained almost a full second too from my times last session. 

My old throttle calibration numbers in my JoyCalib.yaml file were

     AxisName: 'Z Rotation'
     CalibMin: 0
     CalibCenter: 0
     CalibMax: 1892

After re-calibration it shows

     AxisName: 'Z Rotation'
     CalibMin: 0
     CalibCenter: 0
     CalibMax: 1800

As you can see the old calibration showed more range than I actually had in the pedal so I ended up not being able to hit 100%.

I installed these pedals about 3 months ago and ever since I have noticed a pretty consistent drop in my laptimes. I thought it was me just not adapting to my new setup but I'm pretty confident it was due to this mis-calibration.

I'd advise everyone to double check their calibration every now and again to make sure this doesn't happen!