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Prl fantasy league


Premium Member
Sep 18, 2017
Norwich UK
Official PRL Fantasy F1 League!
Welcome all, so it’s time to get going for the season and we have set up a Fantasy F1 League within PRL where you pick 6 Drivers over the 3 divisions and fight for the top spot.
You have £100m to spend on a budget of 6 players.
You must pick at least one driver from each division
Transfers windows will take place twice in the season (meaning you don’t have to fiddle around every week) so take care to pick drivers who will turn up!
Transfers will occur after the 6[sup]th[/sup] race, and the 12[sup]th[/sup]
Your players may increase or[sup] [/sup]decrease in value according to performance, changing the total budget you have over the season.
Points System
(Points available 10-1) 1 Pt for every tenth percentile  you are in qualifying (10 points for the top 10% of your division, 5 pts for top 50% etc)
(Points available 20 – 0) 2 pts for every position within the top 10. For example 20 pts for 1[sup]st[/sup], 4 for 9[sup]th[/sup] etc. 1 pt for finishing the race.
Podium Finish: 5pts
Pole to win: 10pts
DNF : -10pts
DSQ -20 Pts
Penalty seconds: -0.5 for every second
Positions gained from quali to race: 1pt for each
Positions lost from quali to race: -0.5 for each
Streaks: 1Pt for Finishing 3 Races in a row, 3pts for finishing top 10 3 races in a row, 5 pts for finishing on podium 3 races in a row
Driver of the day upgrades! If you secure a driver of the day award your driver will gain a 1.25x Multiplier for the next race!

Boost- one triple driver score of your choice who are in your team, for one week only
Kvyat - swap a driver for one week only free of charge regardless of budget
Lucky 7 add one driver to your team for one week


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