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Preseason Race: Hungary - Hungaroring (16SEP17 @ 8:00pm BST


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Aaron Webb
Feb 1, 2017
USA, Arizona, Sun City
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Mar 4, 2017
Division 2
Quali: Out lap got to turn 4 car went light and I crashed into the left wall
Race Lap 1: Same as quali :-( then I was PRL Broadcaster.

My Quali crash at 9:50 to 9:59 on video
Quali Results 21:35

Race start 25:38 sorry before that is PS screen was writing a message after I saw someone wanted a restart but that was for Div 1 sorry.

End of my race at 26:07 TURN 4 I HATE YOU

Curb pulled V5 into a spin at 35:05
Unlucky Xjarii crash on lap 29/35 1:05.15 on video from 4th,
some wheel to wheel battles for Fab too, Robertsome and V5 in the Renaults get close on lap 31/35, and Stevo managed to keep up with Teammate and winner Army at the end.


Setup was all kinds of bad I'll change it on my excel spreadsheet.
With Macca, Dave, Jake and The Rad Racer and others back in the correct division could be a very exciting division.

I need a good mic for PS4 and PC gaming any recommendations?
When I get a better PC i'll try get on the streams if can.


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Aug 24, 2017
Netherlands, Zaandam
division 2
quali: in the qualifying I posted a 1.19.0 on my first attempt. Then on my second attempt i was 0,9 seconds up until i stuffed up in the last sector and qualified in second place with a time of 1.18.263.

race: The race began with tigaby on pole position having a jump start and because he is a fair driver he waited until we had started which resulted in me taking first place. In the next couple of laps I kept increasing my lead by about 0,5 seconds a lap and on lap 10 I went into the pits to put on some soft tyres. I rejoined the track in second place behind my team mate and held a solid pace. after a couple of laps my team mate went into the pits and i was back in p1. Meanwhile armytricks was gaining time on me until about lap 18 in which we both got held up by a slower car (my only real overtake of the race). after this lap the gap remained about 3 seconds until armytricks had to go into the pits. I continued driving on my soft tyres until lap 24 and i went back onto the supersofts. because i had gone for the two stop I rejoined the track 4 secondes behind my team mate, who was in first place. Then on lap 25 I closed the gap till 3 seconds but unfortunately I crashed into a lagged version of stevo at the entry of turn 9 which resulted in me having an broken front wing. So I went into the pits again to get a new front wing and some new tires. I rejoined the track in p4 and was 7 secons behind tigaby in p3. the next couple of laps went well and I posted the fastest lap times during that moment in the race, but on lap 29 I was to aggresive on the throttle on the exit of turn 1 which resulted in me crashing into the wal and ending my race.