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\Preseason Race 2: Belgium - Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (23SEP17 @ 7:00pm BST)


Staff member
Aaron Webb
Feb 1, 2017
USA, Arizona, Sun City
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Unfortunately the game still has a number of bugs that are impacting our ability to run league races. Therefore we are delaying the start of the season at least one week. We will re-evaluate the game after the next patch 1.7 which is due mid week next week.


Spa is the best track of the season! Glad we get to do it twice now. Hopefully update 1.7 holds up tonight.


Since Ibbo likes to read people's impressions of the race, here's mine:

Division 2:

A difficult session to start with as everyone hurried to get out of the pits; finding a suitable gap to set a fast time was hard. On my first hot lap, a car coming out of the pit lane failed to move out of the way at Raidillon and I had to brake quickly, losing the car and almost crashing into the barriers. Fortunately, enough time was left for me to head back to the pits, put on a fresh set of tyres and have a proper crack at it, setting the pole time of ~ 1:44:5xx.

The start was very intense. On the first corner, V5HRL (who began 2nd on the first row with me), misjudged his brakes and skidded past on the inside. We touched but fortunately no damage. From then on, I managed to keep a small lead. After looking at ibbo's footage from the race, the collisions in the mid-field and back looked brutal with one of the Toro Rosso's going out just after turn 1 up to Raidillon. For the rest of the race, I managed to hold on to the lead and Stevo, my team-mate, overtook Jari (or he crashed, I'm not sure) for 2nd about half way through the race. Following the first round/second round of pitstops, heavy rain began to pour down with just 5 laps left to go. It was a difficult decision, but most of the front runners chose to stay on slicks while some of the mid-field switched to inters. The track was just about undriveable on the slicks by the final lap (ibbo was one of the unfortunate few who were caught out by the rain) but luckily for me, that was the end of the race with a Williams 1-2 to finish! :D

None that I could report. No bugs or glitches that I noticed in the lobby.