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Pre Season Test Sessions #4, 5 & 6 on 14 September 2020

Kenny Rodriguez

GT3 Sprint Series 2022/S3
GT3 Fixed Series 2022/S4
Kenneth Rodriguez
Aug 29, 2017
USA, Pennsylvania
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Hello Gents,

We have created three, yes that's three! pre-season test sessions for Monday, 14 September 2020 commencing at 8PM EDT / 12:00 AM GMT. The three sessions will run concurrently (meaning at the same time) and they are 4 hours long each session. The reason behind this is to give drivers their final chance to test multiple cars in a multiple car session.

The track chosen for these sessions is Circuit Park Zandvoort Grand Prix layout which is our series round #5.

So the way it works is that you can register for one session in one car, once done testing, you can withdraw and register for another session in another car, and once done there, you can register for the 3rd session in yet another car. Afterwards, you can bounce from session to session to compare your abilities, lap times and determine which car is best for you.

Each session has the exact same settings so you will be testing in the same conditions from one session to the next and can make an apples to apples comparison to determine which car you might want to drive for the season. Remember that the car you show up with the 1st time you race this series is the car you keep for the season, unless iRacing makes a BoP change "BEFORE" round 5 of the season. After Round 5, whether there is a BoP or not, there will be no changes allowed.

Sessions Information
Session Name: PRL Monday Test Session #4
Session Password: getready

Session Name: PRL Monday Test Session #5
Session Password: getready

Session Name: PRL Monday Test Session #6
Session Password: getready

If anyone has any questions, please let me know via PM here or DM in Discord.



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Formula 4 Series 2022/S3
Barry Cochrane
May 4, 2020
St Cloud, Florida
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Yes, thanks to you organizers for setting up ALL the test sessions, was able to make all but one of them.  Appreciate you guys doing that and looking forward to getting on track and keeping the tires clean. :lol: 

There are some real strong drivers in this field (REALLY strong) - little nervous going into Round 1. I've decided on the Z4 - just like the way it feels, and although I really like the AMG and the R8, I was most consistent with the Bimmer.  And MAN!! Zandvoort is a tough track - albeit very fun and fast, it's got a couple of really tough corners.  I had never driven that track before, but already looking forward to it! :D