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PPSC S10 End of Season Awards


Well-known member
Mar 11, 2017
Australia, VIC, Melbourne
As the season has drawn to a close it's time to acknowledge the achievements of our drivers in the form of the End of Season Awards! Thank you for the surprisingly high number of nominations and votes you all submitted. Without further ado, here are the awards:

Official Awards:
Season 10 Driver's Champion: El Majacko
Season 10 Constructors Champions: Mercedes (El Majacko & danirox88)
Rookie of the Season: stewartmckenzie2 (5th)
Fastest Lapper: DRAW Maznat87/Magic_Mass (4 fastest laps each)
Qualifying Ace: Maznat87 (10 pole positions)

Competitor Vote Awards:
Cleanest & Fairest: craigd92 (27%)
Friendliest Competitor: danirox88 (36%)
Most Improved: JDittmer23 (18%)
Best Defender: El Majacko (46%)
Best Overtaker: DRAW Maznat87/danirox88/El Majacko (27%)
Best Strategist: El Majacko (36%)
Best Tyre Saver: danirox88 (36%)
Best Starts: kartdude45 (18%)
Best Wet Weather Driver: DRAW stewartmckenzie2/Maznat87/danirox88 (18%)
Unluckiest Driver: JDittmer23 (36%)
Best Single Race Performance: danirox88 - Malaysian GP
Best Single Overtake: DRAW: Maznat87 on El Majacko - Brazilian GP / danirox88 on Magic_Mass - Bahrain GP
Best Single Battle: DRAW: Wayneooooo6 vs kartdude45 vs El Majacko - Azerbaijan GP / Maznat87 vs El Majacko - Chinese GP

Vision of the above overtakes/battles is available in the video below, which is a montage of the excitement this season. Thanks to everyone involved for their participation and cooperation. Good luck for next season.