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Power Rankings


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Mar 5, 2017
Brand new for S16 is power rankings! The organisers and Killer, will discuss at length and decide the PRL Power Rankings. These will includ both divisions combinded together. The power rankings will go off who overachieved, recovered well, displayed excellent race craft, and who brought the points home. They will be updated the Sunday after every race.

Power Rankings - Week 8
1. NeWaluigi (D2) 
Predicted to be fighting for podiums in his debut season. Instead as we enter the mid-season break he sits leading the championship, deservedly so too.

2. Falcon (D1)
Sitting pretty at the top of D1 with a 21 point lead. A bad race in Canada has seen him bounce back with a win and a 3rd

3. Deki (D1) 
The reigning champion makes his first appearance onto the power rankings. A win at Silverstone see’s him sit 2nd in the standings. 

4. Michael (D1) 
Plagued by internet issues the Greek has seen some crucial points slip away. However he sits in 3rd place with his teammate Falcon in sight. 

5. Robert (D2) 
Currently sitting 4th in D2. Beginning of the season many people would have predicted him to be aiming for around the top 8-10, however, 3rd place remains a real possibility. 

6. Jari (D1) 
The defending D2 champion had a tough start to life in D1. His pace was always there and not in doubt. His results have shown he’s not out of place in D1. 

7. Kallek (D1) 
Obliterated the competition in D2 which seen him promoted to D1. In his 4 races in D1 he hasn’t scored points in 2 of those races, which a few D1 veterans would take.

8. MCR (D2)
By winning at Silverstone, in his first race at D2 level, MCR became the first driver to win a race in both D1 and D2. 25 points out of a possible 25 in D2. 

9. Tom (D2) 
Unbeatable in the intermediate conditions in Austira seen Tom kick start his season. Showed great speed in similar conditions in Silverstone to cross the line 1st however was demoted to 5th due to 20seconds worth of corner cutting penalties  

10. Rikk (D1)
D1 is a super competitivenes. So to be sitting 7th is no mean feat. Ahead of previous race winners in the standings he must be looking to join that club by bettering his 2nd place finish he hotness in Baku