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Penalties, Incidents, Protests and Appeals

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Jan 25, 2017
Nicolet, QC, Canada
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Jerome Berthiaume
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Race director & Incident Sheet
[iframe], 1400, 880[/iframe]​
Google form for protest

[li]All protests relating to a racing incident must be submitted within 48 hours of event completion by filling up the following form. All protests sent more than 48 hours later will be rejected.[/li]
[li]After we begin looking at your protest, you will be notified via iRacing that we have received it. The driver being protested will also be notified.[/li]
[li]We may seek you or the other driver out for more information and to hear both sides of an argument. A protest could be considered invalid if you don't make yourself available for this portion.[/li]
[li]Only the driver being protested will be notified of the outcome and, or penalties accessed. If the driver wants the outcome known, only he can tell you.[/li]
Rejected Protests
[li]Protests can be rejected for not having enough information or the incident not being in the laps provided.[/li]
[li]You have 48 hours to resubmit a protest after it is rejected with the correct information[/li]
[li]If it is then rejected again, you can not refile for that incident.[/li]

[li]To submit an appeal of our decision, simple fill out the form below and place "Appeal" in the reason in the form. [/li]
[li]Once we get the appeal, we will seek you out on teamspeak and determine an outcome.[/li]
[li]All appeals should be of sound reason and have evidence to back it up. This could be a replay file OR pleading your case.[/li]

[iframe], 800, 1550[/iframe]


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Feb 5, 2017
Race Director sheet updated. Sorry for the delay on the update, Management team was tied up. Will not be a problem going forward.
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