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Ken Rodriguez

GT3 Sprint Series 2022/S2
LMP2/GT3 IMSA Series 2022/S2
Kenneth Rodriguez
Aug 29, 2017
USA, Pennsylvania
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Okay guys, it's that time to go over the PRL Orange Zone process and procedures.

Please note that the below process and procedure apply to each class racing in this series (LMP2 and GTE classes).

What is the Orange Zone and procedure?
  • The Orange Zone comprises the parade lap leading up to the start/finish line and the green flag waving and, the entirety of lap one for each driver.
  • The pole sitter in each race has complete control of the field which means that he will set the pace on the parade lap and decide when to release the field to start racing.
  • What the pole sitter and NO ONE else on the live cannot do is to accelerate and then decelerate at any given time.
  • Once you have committed to accelerate, you must go and not back down from there.
    • Accelerating and decelerating will cause an accordion effect and may cause serious incidents on the grid before the race begins.
  • Passing is allowed once the green flag waves and during lap one however, all passes must be completed cleanly and without incident!
    • If a driver attempts a pass and causes an incident, that driver is automatically submitted to the race stewards for review and action.
    • All parade lap and lap one incidents are automatically reviewed and submitted to the race stewards for review and action. What this means is that you as a driver do not need to submit a protest form for any lap one incidents to save your protest tokens for other issues that might occur during a race.
    • This process is done automatically for you during Orange Zone racing.

What we will not do as in previous seasons is post an Orange Zone review video. This is due to a constraint on my time due to work and other personal matters. So to this end, I want to encourage everyone to save their race replays in the event that it is needed by you.

As always, if there are any questions or concerns about the Orange Zone process and procedure, or general questions about the league or series, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

Thank you and let's have one heck of an amazing season!
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