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Next Season?


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GT4 Sprint Series 2023/S3
MX5/GR86 Series 2023/S2
GT4 Sprint Series 2023/S2
Jerome Berthiaume
Jan 25, 2017
Nicolet, QC, Canada
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Hey guys,

So now that the season is over and that we unfortunately lost our organiser, I want to know if someone is willing to organise a new championship. If no one is willing to help and spend the time to organise a new season, unfortunately I will have to pull the plug on the series :(

I will provide help of course and all the tools needed to organise a championship.
At a high level, the organiser responsibilities are defined as: 
[li]A commitment to organizing a championship for the duration of a racing season.[/li]
[li]Completion of all Event Organizer tasks within the required timeframe.[/li]
[li]To act responsibly, and in PRL’s best interest at all times, on and off the site.[/li]
[li]Uphold PRL site rules, racing rules, and championship specific rules.[/li]
[li]Maintain a high standard of presentation for all content associated with your championship.[/li]
The specific weekly tasks include: 
[li]Creating and posting a Pre-Race Interview[/li]
[li]Pinning/Unpinning Race topics as needed[/li]
[li]Organizing Reserve drivers to race as needed (if applicable)[/li]
[li]Ensuring the races take place on time, and per the rules[/li]
[li]Setup and update the server settings[/li]
[li]Updating the results Spreadsheet after each race[/li]
[li]Maintaining the Sign-up Topic & Constructor Selection Topic[/li]
[li]Updating the Attendance Spreadsheet[/li]
You will be given all the tools you need to do this including an Event Organizer Manual, and you will be granted access to the Event Organizer forum. In that forum, we will have a topic open to talk about the organisation of the series. Beyond those requirements, you are welcome to add as much unique content to the Championship as you like.  You will also have a voice in the future direction of the Championships.

If you are interested, please let me know and we will start working!