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New Race Director & Licence System


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MX5/GR86 Series 2023/S2
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Jerome Berthiaume
Jan 25, 2017
Nicolet, QC, Canada
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Hey guys,

I know it's gonna be a long post, but enough is enough. The last few races have been catastrophic and we realized that the race director system we had in place isn't working. We do not have time during the race to review incidents because 2 laps later, there's another one...  It's just crazy in the race directors channel. Even if we are pretty confident about the decision we are making, we know that there are some drivers who have been mad about our decisions and the management team is sick playing babysitting... Starting next race, we will apply the new changes I'm announcing below.

Before talking about the changes, I would like everyone to know that since a few days, I got a new job position at work and I can't commit to PRL like I was used to and more and more we are going forward in the season, more and more work we have because everyone's crying and it needs to stop. If this new system isn't working, then maybe I'm just not the good guy to fix this and I'll leave this series to Chris and disappear to focus on series in which we have less drama (Tuesday & Thursday). Me, Chris, Eddie, Sammy, Austin and more drivers worked countless of hours to built this up, to have it free and on iRacing Live. What we have to thanks us? Bad races with a lot of cautious and drivers mad about the decision we are making in race. Now, you have reach the limit of myself so this is why we bring this system up in collaboration of Johnny Pierce and his team (thanks guys).

About the new changes. We have decided to let iRacing manage incidents. As a results, we are adding a new licence system. Here are all the points of the licence system:
[li]Each drivers will have a licence of 3 points for the remaining of the season (will be more starting next season)[/li]
[li]Every time a driver got a 4x in an incident that causes a cautious will have 1 point deduction[/li]
[li]Even if a driver involved in a cautious isn't at fault and got a 4x, he will still have a point deduction[/li]
[li]Race director may add 4x to a driver for who they judge he causes the cautious even if he was not involved in the wreck[/li]
[li]All 4x, 1x and 0x a driver got without causing a cautious will not be count for their licence but will still count in the race results for bonus points[/li]
[li]+1 point for each clean race without incident. (without 4x that causes a cautious) (your licence cannot be more than 3 points)[/li]
[li]When a driver has not point left, he will have 1 race ban. The race after, he will have 1 point back[/li]
[li]The second time a driver has no point left, he will be remove from the championship[/li]
[li]Missing a race will not give you back a point for your licence[/li]
Now, here are the changes we are making because of the new licence system:
[li]We are removing the maximum incidents per race, but the race director still reserve the right to ask a driver to park his car because of too many incidents[/li]
[li]Race director can now ask a driver to park his car because of lag issue. We all know netcode and internet connection must be perfect for oval racing because of the proximity of the cars[/li]
[li]As stated in the Rules, Settings, Points & Classification, the restart must be done at green. Failing to comply with that rule will result a point deduction from driver licence[/li]
[li]It is not possible anymore to talk with the race director during a race to talk about an incident. If you ask to talk to race directors and start talking about an incident happened in the race, you'll be moved back to your channel. You can reach the race directors only to clear black flag or to notice a car lagging on track[/li]
[li]The race directors reserve the right to disable the voice chat if they notice there is too much talking on iRacing Chat[/li]
[li]You must keep a decent gap with the car in front on start and restart. You cannot jump the start at anytime. If the race directors judge you have jumped the start or didn't keep a decent gap with the car in front, they will remove you 1 point.[/li]
[li]All drivers will now be able to submit a protest to the management team for after race review. They must be sent using the form we will add in the Season 7 Penalties Topic. All protests sent to the management team through teamspeak, email on by private message will be ignored. All protests sent using the form without a replay cut will be ignored. All protests must be sent 48 hours after the race otherwise they will be ignored[/li]
Maybe you'll say: "Why am I penalize if I'm not the causes of a cautious?". Because it's racing, and we do not have time to review all cautious in addition of all isolated incidents we might received using the Stewards form. Stay out of trouble for the next race and you'll have you point back. We know this system is harsh, but as I said before, enough is enough. In real life, if a driver is caught into a crash, he does not have a reserve car to get back on track, he must lives with the consequences.  "Why it's not possible to talk to the race directors during the race?", in real life, drivers and even team cannot talk to race directors during a race, they must do it after the race. "In real life they are reviewing in-race incident", yes because they are probably 10 and here, we are only 2.

We will try this system for the remaining of the season and we will adjust if needed for Season 8. Mainly, we made those changes because it's just crazy in the race directors channel and comes to a unmanageable point. As said previously, if this system isn't working, I give up and will let Chris and other organisers manage this series.

Also, remember that race directors have ALL the power they want. If they judge you are acting against the rules, running too slow, running to aggressively, etc.. they reserve the right to remove you from the race.

Now please heads up to the Season 7 Penalties topic to see the old and new race director sheets and to access the Google form to submit protest to the Stewards.

To conclude, it is your responsibility guys to make this series a success because you are the drivers on track! If you are there, it's because we trust you and the way you are driving. Incidents happen in a race and you will ALL be caught in incidents during a season because it's racing. We are giving you a free place to race, broadcasted and on iRacing live, so just give us good races to thanks us for all the time we put to built this. We are very optimistic that this new system will make you all think twice before making a move on track. It is preferable to finish 12th instead of 20th by driving clean even if you had the car to finish P5.

You can all reply here and leave comments, but do it in a diplomatic way. All drivers commenting using bad language will automatically be banned from PRL.

Thanks for your understanding.