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New Penalty Matrix

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Jerome Berthiaume
Jan 25, 2017
Nicolet, QC, Canada
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The management team of the championship discussed and we have decided to update and change the penalty system in favor to get clean races for the remaining of the season. The main reason why we have updated the penalty matrix is because we have judged that an EoL was pointless because all drivers involved in an incident are usually at the back of the field anyway.

I would say that most of the incidents will be case by case basis, but we will be highly influenced by this penalty matrix.

There is also some incidents that the race directors can't review while racing because they are too hard to judge or they can't see the replay sequence. As a result, we have added a penalty system for "After race review".

Please note that there will be some cases deemed as racing incident or for which we will judge an EoL is enough (Minor). Also, if an incident happened and no caution is thrown but we judge a penalty is deserved, we will give a Drive Through.

We have taken the official PRL Racing Rules available here, and updated them a bit so it's fit our series and oval racing.

Click here to open the matrix in your web browser.
[iframe], 900, 750[/iframe]​
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