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Register a free account today to become a member! Once signed in, you'll be able to participate on this site and signup to race in our different series but firstly make sure you head over to the "New Members Start Here" in the League Information section.

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New Members FAQ

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Welcome to Precision Racing League !

We wanted to share with you some frequently asked questions from our new members when joining the league.

A series is basically the category/type of cars that are used for a given season. Here's some examples: NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR Truck Series, GT3 Sprint Series, Indy Pro 2000 Series etc... We don't know how long a series will stay as it works by popularity and as long as the series is popular and has enough signups it will stay for the next season.

A season is the duration of the championship, we normally have 4 seasons per year and you will see it in our naming convention for our series, per example: NASCAR Cup Series 2021/S1. All seasons have a total of 10 races and normally last 10 weeks since we do one race per week but some Series may extend beyond the 10 weeks mark if we have to introduce break weeks for holidays per example.
When the signups are open, you will need to click on your username at the top right in the forum header and then click on Account Upgrades. You will find all the series you can sign up to, after completing the transaction you will be automatically added to that series registered drivers list. Make sure you have taken notice of all the rules before you signup.

Note: If you don't see any series in the Account Upgrades this means either the signups are not open yet or they are already full.
Signups only open by the end of our current season. We suggest that you use an email address that you frequently access to receive the notification when the signups will open also make sure to follow our social media as well since we post that information across all our platforms.
Head over to that Series forum section, you will find all the information related to that series including the organizers, the racing schedule, specific series rules and more.

Note: As for the schedule, we will normally post the race dates without tracks first since we have to wait for the iRacing official schedule to know which tracks are being used during that same period. We match the iRacing schedule race tracks to allow our members to practice in official sessions and to easily find setups for their car/track combo.
You can find the Site Rules and Racing Rules in the navigation of our website but you can also find the Racing Rules under the League Information forum's section and for the Site Rules at the bottom of the forum in footer.

Additionally, we have specific series rules that you can find under each series forum section.

Note: Make sure you take notice of all the rules before you signup.
Don't hesitate to communicate with us by using the Contact Us form and we will reach out back to you as quickly as possible.
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